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Easy Blue and White Easter Tablescape

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Create an easy blue and white Easter tablescape even at the last minute. Begin with white flowers, add dishes in your favorite shade of blue, include a bunny (or two), and place a cluster of bird eggs (in the same color family as your dishes) inside a pretty white bowl. 


An easy, last minute Easter tablescape with blue and white
There you have it. An easy, last-minute blue and white Easter tablescape. 

E a s y  B l u e  &  W h i t e 

E a s t e r  T a b l e s c a p e

An airy bridal wreath spirea was the inspiration for this year's Easter tablescape
A white bridal wreath spirea shrub was the inspiration for the Easter centerpiece on my French Country breakfast table this year. 

The graceful fronds from a bridal wreath spirea make a gorgeous, full flower arrangement. The spirea shrub in my backyard is the prettiest it has ever been. The shrub is over five feet tall and around seven to eight feet in circumference. Every branch is loaded with blooms, gently swaying in the March winds.  

Choose from dogwood trees, pear trees, wild plum trees, bridal wreath spirea to create a grandiose white flower arrangement
Spring is the perfect time to use flowers from your yard and garden in an Easter tablescape. Choose from dogwood trees, pear trees, wild plum trees, white wisteria vines, white daffodils, or bridal wreath spirea shrubs for a grandiose white arrangement.  

For spectacular flower arrangements, clip branches from spring blooming trees and shrubs
For spectacular colorful arrangements, clip branches from redbud trees, forsythia shrubs, cherry trees, purple wisteria vines, or peach trees. If you do not have any blooming trees or shrubs in your yard, check the local grocery. Often grocery stores will have blooming branches. 

A blue and white striped vase holds a gorgeous white bridal wreath spirea flower arrangement for Easter
A blue and white striped vase holding the spirea blooms is in the same blue family as the stacked blue floral salad plates. I love the irregular stripe pattern that adds personality to the vase.  

My dish collections include several different patterns in blues that coordinate, and most of the patterns are not full sets. Instead, I have dessert plates, plates, coffee cups, bowls, etc... in a variety of patterns in coordinating medium blue colors. Likewise, I buy accessories, such as the blue striped vase, in the same blue tones. 

One of the advantages of coordinating dish colors is being able to mix patterns. No one realizes you only have five remaining salad plates in a particular pattern. Plus, stores often have odd pieces left of a pattern they no longer carry and sell them at heavily discounted prices. And, discount stores like HomeGoods,  Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Goodwill etc... usually do not have sets of twelve place settings and coordinating serving pieces. When you intermix patterns, you can buy the odd pieces from discount stores to go with your color coordinated collection. 

A sweet blue bunny sits on top of a stack of blue floral dishes for an easy Easter tablescape
A sweet translucent blue bunny is a beautiful addition for an Easter centerpiece. Set atop the stack of blue and white salad plates, the small bunny is not lost on the table. 

White bowls filled with faux blue speckled bird's eggs is the fastest, easiest way to decorate a table for Easter
A white bowl filled with blue faux speckled bird's eggs is a reminder of Easter egg hunts and is one of the fastest, easiest ways to decorate a table for Easter. No cooking or dying needed for faux eggs. Nor will faux eggs spoil while on display. 

A cookie jar in the shape of an Easter egg is a fast and easy way to decorate a table for Easter
Another fast and easy way to add Easter to an arrangement is to use a cookie jar designed like an Easter egg. The jar can hold Easter treats instead of cookies! 

White scroll flatware in a white flower pot is a fun way to display flatware on an Easter table
White scroll flatware placed in a flower pot is a fun way to keep flatware handy, to decorate the table, and to add French Country style to the Easter centerpiece. I enjoy seeing the decorative flatware on the table instead of storing it in a kitchen drawer. You can use a container and flatware in whatever decorating style is your favorite.  

A fast and easy blue and white Easter tablescape started with bridal wreath spirea branches from the yar


a fast, easy, beautiful 

blue and white Easter tablescape 


A few photos for the big picture... 

An easy, fast Easter centerpiece sits on an antique French Country breakfast table
The French Country breakfast table sits in the kitchen sunspace with views to the backyard and woods beyond. 

The large white bridal wreath spirea shrub branches made a beautiful flower arrangement on the Easter table
The white bridal wreath spirea shrub is the faint cluster of white seen through the breakfast space windows. 

The large white bridal wreath spirea shrub is visible out the windows from the French Country breakfast table
This photo is a better view of what we actually see when we look out the windows. The spirea sits at the boundary between the backyard and the naturalized woods beyond the yard. 

Happy Easter 

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Blue-Speckled Bird's Eggs - Botanic Bleu 

Blue and White Striped Flower Vase - Local Store 

Blue Bunny - Goodwill, several years ago 

White Bowl - Pier I, discontinued pattern

Blue Floral Salad Plates - discontinued pattern