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Handmade Easter Cards | DIY Prints Included

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Paper Series Post

Handmade Easter cards are an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with ribbons, card stock, a computer and an at-home printer. Sealing wax stamp and slip-in envelopes make the cards extra special. 

Pin photos to your Spring and Easter Pinterest boards to create DIY cards for future use. 

Make Handmade Easter Cards for your friends and family
For lovers of blue and white, there is a print with blue eggs and blue text. For those who prefer traditional colors of Spring, there is a print with green eggs and green text. Links to the two different colored prints are at the bottom of the post. 

H a n d m a d e   E a s t e r   C a r d s  

d i y   p r i n t s   i n c l u d e d

Handmade Easter Card is a versatile and can be used with any style, not just French Country
Beautiful for display as well as sending to family and friends, the cards dress up Easter table centerpieces. My favorite decorating style is French Country, but the cards can be used with any style. 

Download the free prints in your choice of green or blue printed text

Collect Supplies

  • Computer and Printer
  • Download prints using links at the end of the post 
  • Cardstock - White or Color 
  • Ribbon 
  • Envelopes 
  • Sealing Wax, Seal Stamp, Glue Dots - Optional 
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors 

Special slip-in card holders make Handmade Easter Cards special
Cut the blank cardstock to fit your envelope. These special slip-in card holders are for 4.5" by 6.25" cards. 

Check the DIY bridal sections of Hobby Lobby and Michaels for speciality cards and envelopes. I bought these card holders several years ago from Michaels.  Or, use regular store-bought envelopes. 

Since I hand delivered my cards, I did not need a sealed envelope to go through the mail. 

Screen Shot for Printer Page Setup 

Use the Page Setup feature on your printer to print custom size pages for Handmade Easter Cards

Use the Page Setup features on your word processing program and printer to set the size of your page to print on the printer to match the size of your blank card. 

NOTE:  I use a MacBook Pro laptop, Microsoft Word software, and an HP Printer: ENVY 7640. 

When I click on PRINT for a document, the Page Setup screen appears. 
Look at the Paper Size:  Pocket Page Stationery. This window has a drop-down menu where I can select CUSTOM to enter the width and height of the paper size (4.5"x6.25"). There is a place to type the name of this new custom paper size... which I called Pocket Page Stationery. 
I stumbled across this fantastic feature of creating CUSTOM paper sizes by accident a few years ago. Back in the days when technology came with printed hard copy manuals, I could look in the table of contents of the manual to find how to change settings. Now, I'm lucky to stumble across ways to change things or sometimes I read an online article, such as this blog post, and learn the most wonderful, amazing features I never knew existed. 

*Disclaimer: I only know my technology, not all devices. Unfortunately, I cannot answer any questions about how to do this on other machines. Of course, if you have a child, especially a young teen, in your family, chances are you can ask that person how to create a CUSTOM page for your computer/printer! They may roll their eyes at you, but a small price for getting help. 

Adjust the paper size sliders in your printer's paper tray for Handmade Easter Cards

****Adjust the paper size sliders in your printer's paper tray. 

Place your card stock into your printer's EMPTY paper tray and move the adjustable sliders to fit your blank card. 

Be sure to shove your blank card all the way to the back edge of your printer paper tray. 

PRINT your card using the downloaded print provided at the bottom of the post. 

*I printed each card individually instead of stacking the blank cards into the printer's tray like the regular paper is placed. Less likely to cause a paper jam... 

Attach coordinating ribbons to Handmade Easter Cards
I printed the blue card on pale blue cardstock. 

After printing your card, use a HOLE PUNCH to make a hole at the top center of the card. 

Tie beautiful RIBBON through the hole. I used blue silk ¾" ribbon for the blue printed card. 


Use ¾" peach satin ribbon with green printed Handmade Easter Cards
For the green printed card, I used a ¾" peach satin ribbon since peach is my sister's favorite color, and this Easter card was for her.  

In addition to being a beautiful accent for the card, I needed the ribbon at the top to pull the card out of the slip-in card holder. 

Handmade Easter Cards decorate French Country style Easter tables

Create white WAX SEALS to attach to the envelope for another decorative touch. 
I make wax seals on a rubber mat, not directly onto an envelope. Then I attach them to the envelope using a super strong GLUE DOT. This allows me to throw away any seals that do not look the way I want and not ruin an envelope. 

Colored cardstock contrasts with white envelopes of Handmade Easter Cards
Colored cardstock makes for a prettier presentation with the special envelope. The details of the "sweetheart" cut on the slip-in envelope are highlighted by the contrasting color with the white envelope. 


Ready to make your own DIY handmade Easter cards? 

Click Easter Card Prints to download prints shown below directly to your computer for personal use only. The downloaded prints will not have a Botanic Bleu watermark. 

The egg graphics I used on the cards are from The Graphics Fairy

Download free printable to make DIY Handmade Easter Cards in blue ink

Download free printable for Handmade Easter Card in green ink

Pin photos to your DIY Pinterest boards 
to help you find these directions for next Easter.


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