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Spring Gardening With New Flower Pots and Lavender

Sunday, April 18, 2021

The call of gardening comes each Spring not only in the form of new bedding plants, but also with the lure of beautiful new flower pots. 

Spring Gardening with new blue and white flower pots and a new pink lavender
Large blue and white flower pots for alluring blue, pink, and lavender colored flowers fill the top of the pine chest against the stone fireplace that separates the living room and kitchen. 

S p r i n g   g a r d e n i n g 

F l o w e r   P o t s   &   L a v e n d e r 

With the devastating February snowstorm that killed many outdoor plants and shrubs, buying new flowers and pots seems more urgent than in years past. We are still removing dead flowers, shrubs, and vines with more plants yet to be declared recovering or completely dead. 

Is the plant really dead or only damaged with hopes of reviving? Is there green life underneath the bare branches? Is the plant strong enough to recover? 

Seeing all the lifeless brown leaves and bare stems where emerging green leaves and sprouts should be at this time is depressing, and even more so against the backdrop of vibrant green plants. Such a stark contrast! The green life of surviving plants only makes the brown dead plants detract from the beauty of the new spring green leaves. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
In north central Texas, time is running out for Spring planting. Hot weather arrives by June. But, both new plants and pots have arrived at my house. 

The  Call  of  New  Bedding  Plants 

Lavender  and  Sage 

Flowers in my yard and in containers on the decks and porch match the colors used in my house. Light periwinkle blue walls inside are the backdrop for blue, white, lavender, and pink/mauve upholstery, pillows, curtains, countertops, artwork, painted furniture, etc...  Those colors flow from inside to outside. 

A large beautiful pale blue pot started this Spring's flower pot obsession. Paler than usual for the blues in my house, the new pot was irresistible! The color proved to fit right in. The new flower pot coordinates with a vintage French postcard bought from a Paris seller of vintage postcards in the Passage des Panoramas. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
Spring signals an inner urge to buy new flower pots as well as new bedding plants. Once the new blue pot found a spot on the pine chest, the urge to add more pots and more flowers led to three pots with my favorite colors for blooming plants: blues, lavenders, pinks, ... 

The new plants will go outside in containers, but for a few days they add Spring to inside the house. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
Lavender and blue sage plants are always on my shopping list each Spring. I have come to think of lavender as an annual at my house instead of a perennial. No matter what variety or care given, I cannot get lavender to grow as a perennial. Instead of giving up on lavender, I enjoy it while it lives and buy new plants each year.

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
On a trip to one of my favorite garden centers in Dallas, I found lavender plants in a color new to me. Plus, the pinkish lavender plant (Lavandula Lavish Pink) has two double blooms and is filled with buds for more blooms to come. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
The plants were grown by Cooper Creek Growers (wholesalers) in Denton, TX and are labeled as perennials. Denton is in north central Texas which is a good sign. Plants grown in the same region as gardeners means the plants were grown under similar conditions as the gardens where the plants will grow. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
Tall, spiky Fernleaf Lavender on the other hand was grown by a California wholesale company and was described as "best variety for hot areas" and "hardy to 25° F" on the label. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
This variety is one I have grown before, and I love its shape, fragrance, and color. One plant fills a container since it grows 24-26" tall and 24-26" in diameter. 

Both of these lavender plants are destined for large clay pots on the open east deck where they will get full sun until late afternoon when they will receive shade from the house. Fingers crossed they bloom all summer. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
Blue sage sits in the new blue container until it will be transplanted outside. 

While lavender is finicky in my garden, blue sage is a sure-fire winner. This variety of tall blue sage is a perennial and has performed very well for several years in a large container in the backyard. This year's severe prolonged freeze in February killed the sage, and the plant needs to be replaced. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
Perennial blue sage flowers are not as showy as lavender, but the plant blooms all summer, is drought tolerant, and comes back year after year in north central Texas.

The  Lure  of  Flower  Pots   

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
The white ceramic pot with a ruffled rim is not new. Found a few years ago at The Findery in Waco, Tx, the pot is a favorite to use all during the year, not just in the Spring for lavender. 

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
The large white ceramic pot with the detailed rim and bottom edge does not have a hole in the bottom for drainage which makes it a good container for indoor plants. Found at HomeGoods this Spring, the container cost a fraction of the price for similar pots at garden centers. 

Perfect  Spot  for  Spring  Gardening 

with new flower pots and lavender

Spring Gardening with new flower pots and lavender
The stone fireplace is the wall between the living room and the kitchen. The pine chest at the end of the fireplace is an ever changing scene since the spot is visible from both living room and kitchen. 

The stone hearth that extends around the corner of the fireplace is perfect for setting new plants waiting to be transplanted outside. Since the plants are close by during daily activities, they are in constant view and not overlooked when they need water. And, the stone flooring is not damaged by dripping water. 

Happy  Gardening 
inside  and  out


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