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French Made Easter Candy Eggs

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

French made candy Easter eggs were the stars of my Easter baskets this year. Gourmet candy made in Paris, France is world renowned, from small exclusive chocolatiers to large department store maison (house) specialities. French made candy is a treat any time, but French Mèdicis candy eggs are special delights at Easter for anyone who receives them. 

French Made Easter Candy Almond and Fruit Jelly Eggs
Whether pastel blue, pink, and green Easter egg almonds or pink and yellow Easter jelly eggs, the candies are delicious treats for adults as well as children. 

Easter candy eggs are authentic French gifts
Easter eggs are authentic French gifts and add French Country style to decorating. Did you know French King Louis XIV (1638-1715) began a tradition of giving decorated eggs at Easter?  

Historically, Easter eggs began with ancient Persians and Egyptians, but have evolved into candy confections
Historically, Easter eggs began with Egyptians and Persians offering decorated eggs in spring to celebrate nature and renewal of life. From there, Easter eggs in the present day evolved from natural eggs to candy confections in myriad colors, designs, and flavors. 

Chocolate covered almonds in pastel colors are favorites for Easter baskets
Mèdicis chocolate covered almonds are favorites at my house. Made in Paris, France, the candy is available online in the United States. 

Served in a clear glass basket tied with a blue silk bow, the candies are part of Easter table centerpieces. 

Fruit jelly eggs are delicious little treats for Easter
Mèdicis fruit jelly eggs are expressly prepared for Williams Sonoma. Watch for both the almond eggs and jelly eggs to go on sale after Easter. 

Fruit jelly eggs come in raspberry, blueberry, passion, apricot, and lemon flavors
The fruit jelly eggs include raspberry, blueberry, apricot, passion, and lemon flavors all in the same packaged box. They remind me of Jelly Belly jellybeans, bursting with intense fruit flavor. For those who love all things French, the Mèdicis fruit jelly eggs are special reminders of France when we cannot travel there. 

Recycled yogurt glass jars with handmade French stamped silk ribbon are perfect for displaying French made fruit jelly candy eggs
A recycled small yogurt glass jar is a perfect size for an individual gift of the jelly candy. Tied with a hand stamped French script silk ribbon, the ribbon adds another special reminder of France and makes the little jar of jelly eggs a beautiful part of a French Country Easter table centerpiece. 

French made fruit jelly candy eggs are reminders of France
The ribbon is easy to make. Tear, not cut, strips from your favorite color silk fabric. Then stamp with French script and fleur de lis rubber stamps. By tearing the fabric instead of cutting it, your strips will follow the grain of the fabric. Tearing also creates a nice fringe along both edges of the handmade ribbon. 

Find French themed rubber stamps at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or online. Watch for silk fabric remnants to buy small fabric quantities for your ribbon. 

French made Easter candy eggs are special treats for Easter baskets
French made Easter candy almond eggs and fruit jelly eggs and handmade Easter cards made this Easter extra special at my house. 

Easter Day was last Sunday, but you can Pin photos to your Pinterest boards to help you remember to buy your authentic French made Easter candies for next year. Plus, don't forget now is the perfect time to buy those gourmet special goodies during AFTER EASTER SALES! 


Watch for another after-Easter post this week where I share how to create a handmade Easter card and include links to prints used to make the cards. Sneak peeks of the cards are in this post and on my Instagram account this week. 

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