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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Christmas | Eiffel Tower

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

A Paper Post 

Each Christmas I ponder ways to include French Country decor as I decorate for Christmas. This year, an Eiffel Tower photo taken on a cloudy, dark day was inspiration for creating a glittering gold framed Christmas print. 

The finished multi-media print in gold with silver German glass glitter is not a typical print for Christmas. Yet, glitter on ornaments, Christmas cards, traditional holiday prints, artificial small trees, and artificial greenery add sparkle to Christmas decorations. Likewise, silver glass glitter lends a holiday look to the iconic symbol of France. 

Read how a throw-away photo of the Eiffel Tower was transformed into a beautiful French Country Christmas print. 

Blue Wedgwood Tabletop Christmas Tree

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Wedgwood blue Christmas ornaments on an artificial tabletop flocked Christmas tree are perfect to use all around the house. Over the years, the tree has added Christmas cheer to my bathroom vanity, an entry hall table, a living room side table, and the top of the pine chest at the end of the fireplace. 

Christmas decorations in non-traditional Christmas colors
Through the years the collection of blue Wedgwood ornaments was expanded to include white Wedgwood ornaments to create a stunning blue and white Christmas tree. 

Christmas Red French Country Bathroom

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Nothing says Christmas like RED! Add a touch of red color and instantly everyday decor becomes beautiful Christmas decor. By changing two items in my French Country inspired bathroom and adding red French Country decor, my bathroom is now decorated for Christmas. 

Four pops of Christmas Red in my French Country Bathroom make a big impact.
Four red Christmas items grouped together make a bigger impact than scattering the four items around a room. Having all four red items together creates a focal point that draws everyone's eyes directly to the window area of the bathroom, including from the adjoining bedroom. Only later does anyone notice another spot of red... 

Bathroom | New French Hardwood Flooring

Thursday, November 10, 2022

New French Oak Light House hardwood flooring in the bedroom and adjoining bathroom made a beautiful change to how the bathroom looks. I am already starting to decorate the bathroom for Christmas, but realized there should be a post showing the bathroom with its new solid oak French floor before sharing the holiday decorations. 

New French hardwood floor in my bathroom flows seamlessly into the adjoining bedroom without a door threshold
The new flooring flows seamlessly between the bathroom and the bedroom with no raised door thresholds. Nothing on which to stumble in the middle of the night trips to the bathroom. 

Custom French Country Wood Paneling

Monday, November 7, 2022

Custom made paneling for the exterior walls of the master bedroom in my post and beam house adds extra insulation to the French Country inspired home. 

Custom French Country wood paneling is less expensive when it is a DIY project
When we built our post and beam house in the countryside several years ago, I priced having solid wood raised paneling installed in our bedroom and in our dining room. The cost of one eight foot wide by eight foot tall paneled wall was out of our budget, much less installing about seven times that amount of linear wall paneling. 

Fortunately, the Long Tall Texan had woodworking experience and the tools needed to make custom raised panels instead of paying a cabinet maker to build them. He built the custom wood panels during the first couple of years we lived in the house. That was the first time he tried his hand at making solid wood wall paneling, and he did a fantastic job.