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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Floral Bunny Basket

Friday, March 30, 2018

E A S T E R   B A S K E T S  

are not just for children

As a child I loved getting an Easter basket filled with candies and toys every year. Now, as an adult I continue to love having baskets all decorated for the Easter season. Why give up a joyous experience just because you get older? Bring out your baskets and celebrate the season with a special basket on your dining table. 

French Country Floral Bunny Basket 

Rustic French country floral bunny basket
You will not be the only one enjoying a basket decorated for the season. Grown children who no longer live at home and who are coming over to visit will enjoy seeing a lapin (bunny) basket which will bring back many happy memories of their childhoods. Chances are a basket will spark conversations and stories among them of their own favorite baskets as children.

French Country Living Room Spring Sunlight

Thursday, March 29, 2018

S P R I N G  🌞  S U N L I G H T 

floods our French Country living room 
... in Texas 

french country living room spring sunlight
Cone boxwoods on the mantel and a French-inspired lantern with surrounding botanics on the living room blanket box / coffee table are the only new Spring decorations, but the brilliant sunlight announces SPRING to the whole house. 

Do you use your coffee table to serve coffee? I do not believe coffee has ever been served from a coffee table in my house EVER. Iced tea... yes. Coke... yes. But, coffee... not ever. 

Is it time for us to begin calling that surface by another name? Suggestions for a name to replace 'coffee table?'

French Design on Friday 27

Friday, March 23, 2018

F R E N C H   D E S I G N 

on Friday

~ Architecture ~ 

Curved Roof and Cupola 

How do we know what IS French design? When selecting architecture, furnishings, lighting, and accessories, how do we decide what to use? No better way to discover authentic French Design than either 1] to visit France and/or  2] to view photos taken in France. Botanic Bleu provides examples straight from France through photos taken by me while traveling across all of France which gives you a reference for genuine French Design. 

From the photos you will be able to study the details and to find ways to incorporate real French Design into your home. That is what helped me to spot French Country design in the most unexpected places, like Home Depot

If you love French Country style, here is one of the latest ways I discovered to add a little French to my decor. And, you will be surprised at another affordable source of French Country design now in my living room.  

French Design in France 

French Design on Friday Roof at Chenonceau

Timeless White Decor | 5 Reasons Why

Monday, March 19, 2018

Timeless White Decor Five Reasons

Why is WHITE DECOR timeless?   

Hello Spring Pear Tree

Thursday, March 15, 2018

G O O D B Y E  W I N T E R  

H e l l o,  S p r i n g 

H e l l o,  P e a r  T r e e 

All over town there are white blooming trees scattered among the other trees that are still stark bare.  

Hello Spring with white blooming pear and plum trees
The Bradford pear trees, fruitless native plum trees, and fruiting plum bushes are in full bloom. Like beacons guiding winter weary travelers along the route, you see another one in the woods, in a pasture, in a garden, or lined up along the roadside before the last one fades from sight. 

Master Bath Small Vanity Update Plans

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Small Vanity BEFORE Update 

Plans to update the master bathroom's small vanity area are minimal, mostly cosmetic. 

American Country Bathroom Small Vanity BEFORE Update to French Country

From American Country to French Country 

Everything is functional and works. Nothing is broken, but the space is stuck in the past when the overall decor style for our house was American Country. The master bath large vanity area at the other end of this bathroom has already been updated to reflect more of the French Country style I prefer. 

There already have been a couple of small decor updates to bring more French Country to this section of the bathroom. But, this spring is the time for even more French Country updates to give the whole bathroom a more unified style. 

Inspiring Dear Heart Note

Thursday, March 8, 2018

D E A R  H E A R T 

A true short story about love, marriage, family, commitment, service, and 

getting priorities right. 

dear heart note reminder of love

French Lavender on the Breakfast Table

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Spring officially begins this month on March 20, but I am hurrying it along by putting French lavender bedding plants on the breakfast table in the sunspace. If spring cannot come fast enough for you either, here's how to create a little early spring with French Country touches. 

french country design lavender plants

Friend Lives in Your Heart DIY Envelope

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Friends live in your heart forever. 

A Paper Series Post 

Paper is a versatile, inexpensive medium useful for wide-ranging projects. What better way to begin a new series than to celebrate friendship since this paper series post, and more to come, are offered as tokens of friendship to you, Botanic Bleu readers and followers. 

Any gathering of friends for whatever the reason is a good time to share small hearts as tokens of friendship. Whether the gathering is for book club, a friend's birthday, a Bible study, a Valentine's party, a retirement luncheon, or a bloggers' luncheon, party favors with hearts are a good way to recognize special times together with friends. 

I made these DIY envelope/place card party favors for friends who attended my retirement luncheon as an educator, but can be made  

for any occasion celebrating Friendship 

DIY envelope place card
Today's post is a tutorial with templates for creating a beautiful glassine do-it-yourself (DIY) small envelope to use as a place card and to hold a party favor.