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Master Bath Small Vanity Update Plans

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Small Vanity BEFORE Update 

Plans to update the master bathroom's small vanity area are minimal, mostly cosmetic. 

American Country Bathroom Small Vanity BEFORE Update to French Country

From American Country to French Country 

Everything is functional and works. Nothing is broken, but the space is stuck in the past when the overall decor style for our house was American Country. The master bath large vanity area at the other end of this bathroom has already been updated to reflect more of the French Country style I prefer. 

There already have been a couple of small decor updates to bring more French Country to this section of the bathroom. But, this spring is the time for even more French Country updates to give the whole bathroom a more unified style. 

M A S T E R  B A T H  S M A L L  V A N I T Y 

plans made several years ago are in the works 

Plans include 
  • Paint the small wood vanity with white paint to match the larger vanity.
  • Replace the hardware on the vanity drawer pulls/door knob to match the ones on the larger vanity. The two vanity drawers need new smooth drawer glides to replace the wobbly old glides. 
  • Replace the window curtain with one that has more French style. Keep the white wooden shutters. 

    American Country Bathroom Small Vanity BEFORE Update to French Country
    • Replace the builder-grade mirror with a French-style mirror. We may build a French-style mirror frame ourselves using molding and decorative wood trim.  
    • Move the electrical outlet under the mirror to the right so it is underneath the light switch, but just above the counter backsplash. Install a brass, not plastic, electrical outlet cover. 
    • Possibly remove the soffit and recessed light, and install wall-mounted lights. The electrician will determine if wall-mounted lights are possible. 

    American Country Bathroom Small Wooden Medicine Cabinet BEFORE Update to French Country
    • Possibly replace the medicine cabinet. For years I have looked for a different medicine cabinet, but I do not want a modern looking cabinet. 

    French Country Style Sink Faucet
    • The water faucet, sink, and countertop will not be replaced. The faucet looks French style with the curved handles, curved spigot, and curved fat bases. 

    French Country Style Sink Faucet BEFORE Cleaning Mineral Deposits
    • The faucet needs a thorough cleaning to remove water spots from the surfaces and to remove mineral build-up from the end of the spigot. 

    French Country Style Gray Cement Rose Bundle with Gray Iron Bird

    • More French-style accents like the gray cement rose bundle will be added. 
    • I have a few towels from France and need to review what I have that can be used with this sink. 
    • French soaps, sachets, lotions, etc... are on my list of things to add to this vanity. Liquid lavender soap in a pretty bottle is definitely needed here! 

    These are the plans, but you know plans can always change. 

    We have already started working. The old drawer/door hardware has been removed, the vanity has been painted with a primer, and the nail/screw holes have been filled in with wood putty. The top coat of paint goes on later this week. 

    It is pretty exciting to work on updating the small vanity area. Small changes can make big impacts. As always, you will see photos of our progress and how it all looks when it is finished. 


    Any suggestions for products to remove the mineral build-up on the faucet? 

    Previous bathroom updates... 


    1. Judith, you have the best ideas. Can't wait to see how this comes out.

    2. I’ve found Sanivac the best at removing lime and mineral deposits. It’s made here in San Antonio, and I buy it at HEB. I always have a bottle or two on hand.
      I can’t wait to see your updated space! I don’t like my medicine cabinet either,and I’ve considered removing the door and trim out with molding or something similar to the mirror you’re thinking of, and have open shelving using pretty glass containers for q-tips, etc., keeping the”uglies” under the sink. Someday I might actually do it!

    3. These plans all sound wonderful! Looking forward to seeing in finished.

    4. This will be such fun to follow! I've had some luck with vinegar on minor deposits and CLR or The Works with tougher ones. We have hard water at the lake and it's never fun!

    5. Oh I love ALL of your update plans and cannot wait to follow on. We got a good portion of the huge vanity painted today and boy what a job!

    6. Small changes do make a big impact! Its going to look wonderful, Judith!

    7. I will look forward to seeing the finished project!

      I had an older, very dark stained medicine cabinet stored away from back in the day when our trim was dark stained pine. I refinished it, had a cabinet maker remove the center panel and a glass store fit a piece of glass in. The only difficulty with this is that the inside of the cabinet is visible. This is in my powder room, so storage is not an issue. I had considered shirring a floral fabric behind the glass, but instead found that some pretty decor items combined with a few towels and soaps looks pretty and doesn't need to be hidden.

      Another possibility is to have something pretty and French pained on the medicine cabinet panel or painted on a flat panel and replace the present panel. You have an artist handy for something like that:) I stenciled the panels of my vanity many years ago, but plan to repaint and freehand paint flowers on the panels sometime in the future.

      Even though you do have an in-house artist, I enjoy the art of Christie Repasy and Debi Coules, both who have some French inspired pieces - especially for those who don't have easy access to an artist.

      I look forward to your completed project.


    8. How fun. Put some vinegar in a baggie and use rubber bands to hold it onto the faucet end. It works like a charm. I can't wait to see these updates. We still have one huge builder grade mirror. I look forward to seeing what you do with your space. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.


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