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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Wheat Grass Basket with French Script Ribbon

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pretty centerpieces should not be created only for company. 
Living each day with joy calls for enjoying beauty in the everyday, 
not waiting for something special to happen to enjoy the moment. 
Instead, enjoying the everyday moments makes something special happen. 

Laughter... smiles...feeling good...

The French refer to enjoying life as joie de vivre, 
the joy of living.  

While shopping for groceries recently, I spotted 
fresh wheat grass growing in small square plastic pots 
in the fresh produce section, 
and immediately placed one in my shopping cart. 

Did I know how I was going to use the grass? 


I knew I was NOT going to eat the grass or cook with the grass. 
Do people eat and/or cook with wheat grass? 
My cats love eating grass and have been caught nibbling on this grass. 

The grass just made me happy. 
Made me think Spring, Easter, and Easter egg hunts, 
as I whisked my little shopping cart around gathering groceries. 
My mind turning in its own directions as the cart turned down the aisles. 

Easter baskets... ! 
Stop the grocery basket and think Easter basket with wheat grass. 
You know, an Easter basket with real grass instead of fake paper grass. 

Wheat grass sitting in an old battered basket 
that once had been an Easter basket makes me happy. 

The old Easter basket most recently 
had been hanging around on the kitchen pot rack above the island, 
but was the almost perfect size to hold the square of wheat grass. 

That is the beginning of a Spring basket on the breakfast table 
just for everyday, not for a special occasion. 

One thing led to another as my mind continued to turn in its own happy directions. 

Add the white tulips from last week, and keep the pottery coasters handy 
for sitting iced tea and cokes on so as not to make rings on the table, 
sit the little bunny with French script and lace near the basket. 

Still more of the 'one thing led to another.' 
The little black plastic square holding the grass was not very pretty. 

But, I do have some very pretty 3-inch wide muslin ribbon 
hand-stamped with French script and spangled crowns. 

The ribbon is the perfect height to hide the black plastic container that 
was stealing some of my joie de vivre

There you have it... 

... a wheat grass basket with French script ribbon and bunny 
as an everyday centerpiece. 

Just for the fun of it. 
Just for the joy of living....everyday. 

Want some more inspiration for joie de vivre 
found in an everyday centerpiece? 

~~~~ ❦ ~~~~

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  1. It truly is the small things that make a big impact. The living component of this vignette does give so much joy. I have found that having fresh flowers in the house make a big difference in how much I enjoy being inside. Such beauty! Judith, did you make that stuffed bunny? I WOULD LIKE ONE! Let me know...

  2. Simply perfect!

    I planned to buy roses today and now I will add wheatgrass. I know just how I will display it.

  3. The joy of living....ooohhhh I like that! I like to think that's how I live my life. Love the pears. I have lemons and limes in a bowl. They are cheap here in Florida. Hugs, Diane

  4. I love that term "joie de vivre."

    Your basket turned out great and it is the little touches that make the difference, isn't it?

    Happy spring!

  5. What a cute idea. I never think about having real grass for an Easter basket. My cats would be eating it like crazy! The basket is perfect for it and so is the adorable bunny. The pears look so delicious with the sun shining on them. Love the picture with the tulips and the basket together.

  6. I love what you did with the wheat grass. Such a cute and springy Idea! Your décor always amazes me.

  7. Judith,
    I am going to the market today and I do hope to find some real grass for an Easter basket. You have inspired me. The light in your home on that table...gorgeous.

  8. Love your Spring inspired vignette. Adding the wheat grass is perfect. Love your bunny! Adding fresh flowers and fruit makes a home so cozy and inviting. Happy spring and thank you for sharing at DI&DI.

  9. Your basket is perfect for spring. Using the ribbon was a great solution that became a feature!

  10. I am an everyday centerpiece person! Hubby made me a mesquite lazy susan, and I always keep something cute to look at on it. I'm in love with your bunny.....I may have to see what bunny making materials are in my scrap bag!! Thank you for the lovely ideas and pictures.

  11. How pretty! Love your Spring basket!

  12. Judith, Like minds think alike. I can't believe we both used the wheat grass from the grocery store in our Easter baskets. I hope it lasts through Easter. I have watered it a few times. I love your French ribbon. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

  13. Hi Judith, I love how you turned a commonly found grocery store item into a wonderful "SPRING IS HERE!" centerpiece. And the ribbon you just had lying around...just beautiful. It really finishes the centerpiece perfectly!

    Hugs, Lynn

  14. What a sweet centerpiece for Spring and Easter. The wheat grass is a good idea. And you are right, kitties love it.

  15. I love the freshness of grass for spring! I plant some in pots every year. That ribbon is gorgeous! Do you mind saying where you got it? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. This is such a pretty little centerpiece. The wheat grass and tulips together are perfect and the fabric is a nice touch. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  17. Very pretty! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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