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French Script Bunny & Rustic Pots

Friday, March 18, 2016

Would you like a quick, easy Spring and Easter centerpiece idea? 
One that involves a French script bunny, rustic French rose pots, and flowers? 

Small simple arrangements do not take much time, space, or money. 
They can fit on a small dining table, a sideboard, or a kitchen island 
with plenty of room left for food and place settings. 

Begin with a collection of an odd number of small French rustic rose pots.  
Set some upright, set others lying on their sides at angles to one another, 
and stack a couple together. 

Add a 4-inch blooming bedding plant, like a lobelia, in a metal pot. 
Use a white sweet alyssum for a more neutral look, 
or use a multi-colored pansy for a bolder, brighter touch. 

I like the delicate look of blue lobelia that gracefully falls over the edge 
of its container when the plant gets bigger. 

Then add the star of the arrangement, 
a French script bunny wearing a rhinestone-studded white lace cummerbund around its body. 
Position at an angle across the rose pots and lean against the flowers. 

The overall shape creates movement, but never sends the 
eyes off into the wild blue yonder. 

Notice how the arrangement follows the shape of a triangle. 
The eyes begin on the lower left pots, follow the body of the bunny 
up to the flower tips at the peak, then back down to the stacked pots. 

The transition from the metal pot to the stacked pots on the right is gradual. 
If only one pot is positioned on the right, 
the jump from the height of the metal pot down to a single pot 
is not as fluid. 

The position of the bunny unifies the design. 

A simple, quick, easy, and versatile centerpiece 
makes everyday seem like a special holiday.  

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