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Toilet in the Shower ~ WHAT?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How did a quick, before-daylight trip to the bathroom 
lead to the toilet being in the shower? 

Famous for NOT being a morning person,
I stumble around when I first wake up even when I plan to get up.
An older colleague, really like a dad, who mentored me for years while teaching
told everyone, "God does not turn on Judy's air until 10:00 a.m."

Then, when I have to get up to go the bathroom while it is still dark,
it's as though I'm sleep walking.

Without turning on the lights... I know my way in the dark to the bathroom...
Without turning on the lights in the toilet room...  who needs lights?...
I finished up and realized the toilet paper was finished, too.

Still stumbling around in the DARK, I opened the above-toilet cabinet
for a new roll of toilet paper.
Found it, no problem.

Here's where everything began to get tricky.

Taking the toilet paper spindle off the holder with my right hand
and holding the empty tissue paper cardboard with the spindle inside the cardboard tube,
I  l-e-a-n-e-d over the toilet bowl to flush the toilet with my left hand.

What was that clattering sound as the water swirled around and down the drain?
Where is the toilet paper spindle?

The first photo on my blog from my new camera is a toilet paper spindle?
Shouldn't the first photo be of stunning flowers? 
ON went the lights!
Still not really awake. 
Checking the floor and garbage can for the missing spindle...
Nope, no where to be found!

Could I have made that shot if I had practiced for 10 years?
Not on your life... or mine...

But, in the dark,
juggling toilet paper, toilet paper spindle, and barely awake...
Score 2 points, straight down the drain.
Not a rim shot, perfectly down the middle, all clear...

After fishing around in the toilet,
(I know, pewey)
no such luck for retrieving it.
There was clean water in the toilet...
clean water FOR a toilet.

Now awake, but not fully, I scrubbed my hands like a surgeon
and stumbled back to bed for more sleep.
No sense calling a plumber at this time of the day/night.
Who wants to pay those after-/before-hours surcharges?

The good news is a plumber was able to come later that day, and ...

trying to turn off the water valve from the toilet, which was frozen into place,
going to the well house and unsuccessfully trying to turn off the water,
then going to the roadside to turn off the main water valve to the house,

and coming back inside...

removing the toilet,
he placed the toilet in the shower so he could reach inside it.

That's how the toilet ended up in the shower.

He then began fishing around using a wire clothes hanger 
(provided by me as a courtesy)
inside the S-curve drain of the toilet neck,

3 hours after arriving...
he retrieved the toilet paper spindle,
with just minor damage to one end,
and no damage to the toilet.
sigh of relief...

All is well now with a working toilet,
on the floor, not in the shower, 
a new water pipe/valve connection to the toilet,

a new roll of toilet paper on the slightly damaged spindle,

and a much-lighter checking account.

Moral of the story?
How about "close the lid on the toilet before flushing,"
since I will still stumble around in the dark
when I first get up?

Now, time to get back to my regular, much PRETTIER, posts. 
Pretty posts about Spring, Easter, bunnies, eggs, grass, flowers... 
coming your way later this week.  
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