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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

March Hare Basket Display

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arranging displays comes 
to me in stages. 
An idea born from looking at 
magazines, Pinterest, blogs, and catalogs 
begins with a color, or an object, or 
a season.  

Seeing Spring and Easter settings 
triggered ideas for recent arrangements 
on the dining table, on the breakfast table, 
on the kitchen island, the mantel, 
and the pine chest at the end of fireplace. 

Last seen on the pine dining table, 
the March hare and his basket have moved to the pine chest 
at the end of the fireplace 
since company is coming for a meal that 
will be served on the dining table. 

Hyacinths, instead of mint as before, 
surround the hare in this new setting . 
With warm weather, the mint is now planted 
in a clay pot just outside the French doors 
where its fragrance lingers when touched.    

A faux green hyacinth with a bulb and roots is 
at the head of the hare.  

At his tail, another hyacinth in bud and white hyacinths in bloom. 

Left, right, straight on, and from above, 
the March hare is perfect for both Spring and Easter. 

He came from a concrete statuary business on 
Interstate 35 between Fort Worth and Austin.  
My car knows how to stop, 
unlike some vehicles driven by others I have heard. 
The prices were so much better from there than 
at the local garden centers that sell concrete items. 
With the widening of I-35, the statuary owners had to move 
and were not even sure they would remain in business. 
Now, was widening I-35 really progress?

The botanical print of the lily above the chest 
includes the bulb and roots as do the faux hyacinths.   

The pine chest, seen from both the living room and the kitchen, 
matches the pine beams and posts of the house, 
one of which is just behind the chest.  

Often there are several items on the pine chest, 
but the large twiggy basket containing 
the large concrete rabbit fills 
the top of the chest 
with just enough room for the 
lamp resting on a stack of favorite books. 

There is also room on the stack of books for a little glass jar 

Once Spring passes, the March hare will reside on the floor once more, 
contently sitting under a side table just to the right of the pine chest. 
And the twiggy basket? 
What will be the next stage in vignettes for it? 
What is next for the basket that first appeared 
on the living room coffee table during 
the Christmas tour of homes? 
What? You haven't heard the story of the 
Christmas tour of homes? 

Right now, 
I'm waiting for inspiration... 
When does the next Pottery Barn catalog arrive?

If you like touring houses, 
then you are in for a treat.

Ten bloggers are joining the five hostess blogs 
for a tour of Spring Tablescapes. 
15 blogs over 3 days

Look at the hostesses! 
Everyone of them has 
style with pizzazz! 

I am so excited that 
Botanic Bleu 
is included.
Take a peek on April 22 at 
French le Lapin Spring Table. 
Then hop, hop, hop on over 
to the other four Spring Tablescapes that day. 

Come back on April 23-24 for 
TEN more inspiring Spring tables 
in The Scoop On...Spring Tablescapes.
Full schedule coming soon. 

Then come back and check out 
a series of posts 
about building my dream house, 
a post and beam house, 
that is located in the Page titled 
Post & Beam Dream House. 


  1. Judy, what a beautiful Spring display. Love every detail. Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  2. Your sweet bunny basket is at home on the pine chest as it was on the dining table. Love that you found him while not really looking for him! Those impromptu stops can yield treasurers you didn't know you wanted!

  3. I love that concrete business and hope they just moved over.
    They used to have a sign that said "Do you have dirty birds?"....they sold untold numbers and designs of bird baths :^)
    Love your hare and his neat basket!

  4. I saw your comment on Art and Sand re the blogger conference in Galveston. Would you mind sending me some info? I lived on the island for four years and my children were born there. It would be fun to visit again.


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