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Rabbit Basket Centerpiece

Sunday, March 30, 2014

As children, 
my mother always had a beautiful 
Easter Basket 
for each of us, 
four of us, two girls and two boys, 
filled with bright green fake grass, 
loaded with special Easter candy, 
and all wrapped up with  
colorful translucent plastic wrap. 
The one big special Easter candy 
was a LARGE chocolate-coated candy egg 
from which she allowed us to slice off pieces, 
but not too many in the same day. 

Shhhh...don't tell her... 
I didn't like the taste of those candy eggs, 
but I loved my Easter baskets. 

I still love Easter baskets, 
especially this twiggy one with a concrete fluffy rabbit  
hiding under fresh mint.  

Nestled next to the mint, 
the rabbit is right at home on my pine dining table 
that was refinished last year. 

Sitting under pear tree branches...  

With their delicate blooms, 

The rabbit wiggles into the soft green moss lining the basket
that has been home to others before him. 
Last fall, the twiggy basket nestled an unusual colored pumpkin.   

The pear tree branches provide a shady spot for 
the rabbit to rest. 

Occasionally he peeks out, 
looking around the dining table, 

but quickly settles back into his twiggy basket home. 

He cheerfully greets everyone from the table, 

And, with plenty of mint to nibble, 

He plans to stay right up to Easter,  
April 20, 2014,
when the rabbit becomes an Easter bunny. 

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