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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Soufflés

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Simple joys in life... 

Discovering a restaurant that serves 
French Soufflés 
becomes a journey away 
from ordinary living 
and takes us to a delightful outing. 
Each step takes us closer and closer to France 
and further and further away from home. 

Bananas Foster Soufflé

rise n°1
the name of a Dallas restaurant,  
alludes to the soufflés 
that are its specialities. 

And the n°1 in its name 
alludes to France, 
rightfully so.  

The co-owner is the daughter of a French mother 
and a partner with a French-born chef.  

rise n°1 
"Dream becomes reality" 
according to the restaurant's menu. 

Located in an urban shopping center, 
the restaurant is a little corner of France in the United States. 

When I first saw the chairs lined up 
along the sidewalk outside the restaurant, 
I remarked this looks like cafés in France, 
before I knew the heritage of the restaurant's owners. 
All over France, these very same styled chairs 
are in cafés, bistros, and restaurants. 

Then at the end of the line of chairs there it was, 
a fountain, 
a hallmark of every French village and town.

Bit by bit, 
our trip for lunch was becoming a 
small get-away to France. 

More French-styled bistro chairs lined the wall  
in the tiny exterior courtyard entry. 

How authentically French! 
Just inside the magnificent wooden doors 
were French linen towels for sale, 
displayed on wooden shelves 
lit by wrought iron light fixtures.  

Through the door... 
Are we in an urban American building  
or an old French building?   
Jacquard patterns imported from France 
remind us that France is known for its linens. 

Soft linen towels are serviettes (napkins) at the dining tables, 
and small cut squares are hand towels in the toilettes. 

Authentic old world bathroom fixtures ... 

Chocolate soufflé, 
like recipes made by the owner's mother 
and grandmother... 
a delectable dessert made 
from a simple egg. 

and simple joys of life...
found by stepping through the door of 
a salon de soufflé 
in an urban American shopping center. 

Could it be a Midnight in Paris experience?


  1. My dream is to go to Ireland one day, but my second stop would be to Paris. I have always wanted to learn the language. I am wondering if it is too late. HA! HA!

  2. Thank you for the peek inside this beautiful restaurant. How unique!

  3. Judith, Rise is one of my favorite restaurants. I love the authentic ambiance of this little jewel. The library sitting area, the vintage flatware, the linens, … I could go on and one.

  4. How absolutely delightful, Judith!
    If I hadn't read the words, I would have thought you were in France!

  5. Oh MY! I loved Paris when I visited there a few years ago and this post brought me back. I would love it if you would share this recipe on my Tasty Tuesday linky party going on now!

  6. Wow...thanks for taking us with you!!! I've never tried making a souffle', but they do look so good! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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