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Bee Sunspace

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bees fascinate me. 
I love honey and 
like watching bees buzzing around
 trees, flowers, and shrubs. 

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Off to another yard, out of sight, out of buzz. 

I like to collect bee decorated items, 
buy books about bees, read magazine articles about bees...

Here is my latest bee decorated find. 

Little 6" metal pots with bees painted on the front are 
perfect, perfect, perfect. 

Perfect for holding geraniums from a locally-owned nursery.  
The perfect color that matches my wire basket  
bought at a Florida antique store a couple of years ago. 
The owner bargained with me and gave me a good price.   
Perfect to bring a little spring into the kitchen sunspace. 

The three-shelf white wooden bookcase regularly 
gets new plants to brighten the kitchen. 
Some people have potting benches; 
I have this little wooden bookcase. 

Look very closely at the tree branches just outside the window. 
Do you see the emerging redbuds? 
The tree is sitting on the deck until we get it planted, 
maybe this weekend. 

Precision™ White Red Eye Ivy Geranium 
"Exactly what you need for baskets and containers," 
is printed right there on the plant marker. 
How could I not buy these plants after reading that? 

I have never seen this variety before. 
Pale pink or white geraniums have been the 
colors I have bought before for my kitchen. 
If you read my blog regularly, you know 
my breakfast chairs are being recovered this month. 
The breakfast chair fabric has bright rosy pink in it. 

While rearranging the shelves, 
I realized that the new little blue ceramic box 
just fit inside the basket handle on the shelf. 

The little bee is another treasure from my sister who found it at HomeGoods. 
She is a good sister. 
She likes bees, too, but gave the box to me. 

Dragonflies are connected to bees, don't you think? 
Hovering over water with their iridescent wings shimmering 
in the light, dragonflies remind me of bees whose wings shimmer in the light 
as they hover over plants. 

Who can think of bees without thinking of birds? 

The second shelf of the bookcase now holds the clay pot of gardening tools and 
more bee decorated items. 

The little blue bee with pink wings remains one of my favorite bees of all time. 

Worldwide there is a decline in the number of honeybees. 
Scientists, farmers, and governments are studying why, 
as well as the effects of losing honeybees. 
The United States honeybee population has 
declined around 50% since 1947. 

The Graphics Fairy
See National Geographic News for a comprehensive 
discussion of The Plight of the Honeybee 
and for suggestions of what we can do to help.  
Do you have a dream house in your head? 
I did, for eight years. 
Now I have been living in my dream house 
for twenty-six years. 
Stay tuned.
Coming soon... 
A series of posts 
about building my dream house, 
a post and beam house. 

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