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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Lavender Infused Master Bath Layout

Saturday, April 26, 2014

soothes and calms so well 
herbologists often recommend 
a sprig underneath your pillow for 
a restful night. 

Enjoy a tour of a lavender infused master bath's

When the house was first built,
the bathroom was a basic bath with no extras.
Over the years, we added all the beadboard,
did all the painting, added the whirlpool tub,
and upgraded the sinks and shower
by doing most of the work ourselves.
Through it all, we incorporated
ideas to use materials and designs
for energy efficiency.

Periwinkle blue walls in the master bath 
include painted beadboard walls surrounding a 
Koehler whirlpool tub that also soothes and calms 
tired, aching muscles after a day of working in the garden.   

Sprigs of dried lavender are framed 
in a 3-D picture frame above the tub. 

More lavender, a fresh living plant, 
sits on the large vanity opposite the tub. 

The mirror above the large vanity  
reflects the white northern pine beams in the ceiling 
of the post and beam house. 
The mirror also reflects the windowed-wall 
at the other end of the room. 

Along the left wall are a large walk-in closet and a linen closet 
that are separated by a full-length mirror. 
The door at the end of the wall is the entrance 
door to the bathroom from the master bedroom. 

All of the solid six-panel pine doors are 
white-washed using an oil-based interior paint. 

Just to the left of the linen closet is an open door 
with just a peek into the shower-toilet room. 

The full-length wall mirror reflects light from 
the large window between the tub and vanity 
in addition to providing a quick look to see 
if your slip is showing. 

Outside the shower-toilet room is a second 
small vanity just visible to the left of the door above. 

Several energy conscious features were included 
in this area of the bathroom. 

The northern facing window is small to help conserve energy. 
The beadboard wall below the window also 
adds a layer of insulation to the northern wall. 
The shower is directly behind the vanity wall. 
Both the sink and shower water pipes are located 
inside the interior walls which helps prevent 
pipes from freezing. 

More beadboard white-washed pine lines the walls 
inside the shower-toilet room. 

When we added the beadboard, we added storage by 
installing small wall cabinets above the toilet. 
The wooden shelf with towel bar was built 
long enough for several towels. 

Structural posts and beams were often left natural, 
 instead of being white-washed, to match the ceiling beams. 

A half-wall at the end of the tub allows the 
large window to provide light throughout the room. 

Natural wood tends to make rooms dark. 
As much as I would love to have 
French-designed trumeau mirrors over the vanities, 
I have left the builder-grade large sheet mirrors 
and overhead cam lights to add as much light as possible. 

The mirrors reflect the natural light coming in the windows 
as well as the light from the overhead cam lights. 

Wooden shutters help control 
the amount of heat from light entering the room.
In the mornings, top shutters are opened, 
but after lunch the shutters are closed 
since the window is west facing. 

The room is 14' long by 16' wide. 
There are two walk-in closets, a large linen closet, 
two vanities, one double wall cabinet, 
a jetted deep bathtub, separate shower, 
two windows, and three large mirrors. 

More changes and updates are planned 
for the future, but for now I am focusing only 
on decor changes.

To see details of the room's lavender accents, 
see the upcoming post titled 
Lavender Infused Master Bath Decor. 
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