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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Easter Basket Made With Love

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little do we know 
what will remain with us in years to come, 
or how some things will resurface unexpectedly, 
bringing with them memories 
of good times, shared joys, and common interests. 

A basket handmade by my sister over twenty years ago 
held Easter treasures from her to me this year. 
She left it upstairs for me to find. 

The little basket was a gift from her one Christmas 
while she was living in New Hampshire.  
After hearing that she made the basket, 
I got her to teach me how to make baskets, too. 

We soaked natural-colored flat and round reeds 
in water to make them pliable. 
Then using Rit Dye, we dyed them. 
Over the years this basket's colors have faded, 
but retain the muted shades of their original hues... 
Dark pinks, mauves, and purples. 

We spent hours, soaking, dying, and weaving 
to create baskets made with love. 
No patterns, just my sister's memories from 
her basket-making class. 
Together we laughed, tested dye colors, 
pulled apart weaves to redo, and helped 
one another with the difficult twisting and 
holding reeds to get the baskets just right. 
None of the ones I made are still with me; 
all became gifts to friends. 

This little basket from my sister has 
lived all over my house, 
moving from spot to spot, 
last seen, empty, sitting alone. 

Then unexpectedly, it became this year's 
Easter Basket, 
holding chocolates and little treasures, 
made with love, 
and filled with memories of our times 
together years ago. 
Sisters by chance, friends by choice.