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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Spring Peach Foxgloves

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Local nurseries overflowing with trees, shrubs, 
vegetables, annual flowers, and perennial flowers  
beckon us to banish winter ~ 
and to welcome spring. 

Peach foxgloves ~ 
cannot be resisted ~

Their beauty will be relatively short-lived, 
but such rare blooms are worth their cost. 

Each stalk resplendent 
with nodding blossoms of freckled faces 
promises days, maybe weeks, of delicate beauty 
yet to come from the multiple unopened buds. 

Soft peach blooms with dappled darker peach 
invite spring inside while outside 
bare oak trees still sport a wintry look. 

Closer and closer ~ 
drawn to see each mysterious delicate bloom. 

Such beauty ~  
inspires creating a prominent place 
for the foxgloves to bask in their glory.  

Around the house, seek to gather one by one 
items that complement them. 
Look in the bedrooms, look in the closets, 
look in the cupboards ~ 

A fresh white painted French carved chair holds 
a delicate peach floral teacup and saucer 
and an exquisite peach leather handbag 
casually dropped on the chair. 

Teacup and bag, while awaiting their owner's return, 
pay homage to the peach foxgloves.  

Peach and white flower pots, 
befitting to hold the foxgloves, 
stand regally on the tiered French wire 
flower stand. 

Gathering around the feet of the French chair, 
a trio of lapins (rabbits) 
scamper in foxgloves in their wooly garden. 

Rosemary, ivy, and squash plants awaiting 
transplanting to the spring garden 
rest beneath the foxgloves. 

Oblivious to the peach foxgloves, 
kitty Lazarus likes lounging on the rug. 

Rising above its white metal urn, 
a boxwood topiary is worthy of sharing the 
spotlight with the magnificent foxgloves. 

While we were looking, yet not seeing, 
spring came seemingly overnight and filled 
the oak trees with spring-green leaves. 

Peach foxgloves ~ 
inspiration for a gathering of beauty. 
Peach foxglove plants ~ An unbelievable $5 at Walmart 
Boxwood topiary plant ~ $12 at Walmart 
Peach leather handbag ~ Marshall's 
Peach antique seltzer bottle ~ French flea market
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