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Winter White Poinsettias

Sunday, December 31, 2023

One of the beauties of poinsettias is how long they last. Last year in the third week of January, almost one month into winter, pots of huge white poinsettias were still beautiful in my living room. 

Bought the week of Thanksgiving at a local home improvement store, these large white poinsettias were in my heated living room for almost two months when these photos were taken.

Winter   White   Poinsettias

Smaller tabletop white poinsettias came from the same store at the same time and also continued to look amazing. 

Bought for Christmas, the white poinsettias went well with faux paperwhites in the French wire basket on the coffee table. Since the paperwhites are faux, they last even longer than the poinsettias for Winter decor. 

A little Christmas decor remained in the living room with the white poinsettias. The gold embossed wisemen on handmade dark green paper are mounted on gold painted paper mat board. The dark green paper picks up the dark green foliage in the artificial paperwhites and the green leaves of the poinsettias. 

TIP: Create your own gold painted mat board by spray painting mat board with Rust-Oleum Specialty Gold Metallic Spray Paint. The description of the paint states the paint has "real flakes of metal leafing for a rich, shiny finish."  This particular gold paint has been my favorite for many years and has shown up before in many projects. 

Large showy plants with several blooms make a bigger impact in decorating than smaller plants. Part of the impact is the larger containers required for big plants. 

Several blooms continue to be stunning even when the lower leaves begin to droop. This plant is so large, that carefully removing the droopy, curled leaves, one by one will still leave many lower leaves for a few more weeks.  

Spectacular large white poinsettias keep the 
living room looking festive for the Winter months.