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P is for Pinecone

Friday, December 1, 2023

Christmas traditions add joy, sparkle, and beauty to our homes during the festive holiday season, and a primary tradition is Christmas decorations inside and outside. A list of 26 Christmas traditions from A to Z includes P is for Pinecones, a popular natural decoration for Christmas. 

is for Pinecones

Natural decorations are a Christmas tradition with origins in Roman times when pagans celebrated the winter solstice. Pinecones were one of the natural decorations for celebrating winter solstice. 

When Christians began celebrating Christmas, pinecone decorations continued, and are often used in Christmas decorations today. 

Natural pinecones, artificial glass pinecone ornaments, and painted natural pinecones add beauty and sparkle to Christmas decorations.

Found in all regions of the United States, natural pinecones are economical decorations that are long lasting and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Large Sugar pinecones are excellent for outdoor arrangements since their size makes them visible for afar.

Pinecones do not need watering, can withstand both heat and cold, and retain their shape for years after falling from pine trees. Snow and ice only add to their beauty. Once their use as decorations is over, pinecones can be composted or left to decay naturally in a wooded area. 

An open French wire basket is perfect to display life-size glittered glass pinecone ornaments with a few sprigs of artificial greenery. The color of the basket complements the glass pinecones, and the open wire pattern of the basket allows nearly a full view of the pinecones. 

Small pinecones spray painted with gold metallic paint are inexpensive fillers for unusual shaped clear vases. The arrangement makes a big decorating impact with only a few pinecones, a colorful silk ribbon, and a gold painted laser-cut wooden noel. 

These ceramic pinecone ornaments were originally brown, but navy blue spray paint changed their color to coordinate with the colors in the bedroom. The fleur de lis top and Noel navy and white card add a touch of French Country style to the holiday decor. 

Small gold wired ribbon adds sparkle for Christmas to the navy blue pinecones displayed in a clear glass container. 

From natural pinecones harvested from woods to glass glittered pinecone ornaments, decorating with pinecones is a Christmas tradition that fills the Christmas holidays with sparkle, joy, and beauty.