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Christmas Living Room

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When the hectic days getting ready for Christmas are over and Christmas Day is past, that's when I like to relax at home enjoying how pretty everything looks decorated for Christmas.

This year is all about greenery with very little ornamentation and very few Christmas lights.  Boxwood, undressed live trees, narcissi, and hyacinths are this year's stars. 

Three fresh boxwood wreaths do have some gold and green artificial sprays.  The crystal candle holders are cut crystal glasses with small candles inside another glass holder to keep the glasses from getting too hot.

Most of the fireplace is undecorated, but there is some decoration around the fireplace on the second floor. 

The second floor artificial trees have white lights that extend into the grapevine wreath that wraps around the horizontal beam. 

A large noble fir tree standing on the outside deck is visible through the living room windows and French doors. 

Inside a small live tree sits inside a vintage five-gallon crockpot. 

The inside and outside lines are blurred. Sitting in the living room French bergère chair is almost like being outdoors. 

The dining room boxwood is visible from all of the living room. 

More boxwood is on the dining room china cabinet as well as the blanket box used as a coffee table. In the background is the carved wooden horse wearing his braided rein that has gold threads. 

When we first built the house, we could not connect to the community water company and had to drill a well.  The well water has a strong mineral taste.  Therefore, we had water delivered to the house every week, and it came in these large five-gallon glass jars. 

As I was decorating the living room I had several things in my hands and needed places to set things down. As I turned around looking for places to set things down, the gold crown in my hand landed on the top of the water bottle just for a temporary spot.  

Then as I looked at it, I decided I really liked the crown on the water bottle. 

The other side of the living room opens onto the sunspace in the kitchen. 

Looking on around the living room to the left is the armoire that holds a small television. The magnolias on top are artificial. 

In the foreground on the coffee table are two more artificial white flowers. Hyacinths are potted in small pebbles and look very realistic.  The faux narcissi have yet to be "planted" in pebbles. 

The "unplanted" narcissi is another happenstance that I decided I liked.  When I laid them down just to get them out of my hands, I once again decided I liked the results. The gold crown and narcissi just sort of decorated themselves. 

The narcissi came from The Magnolia Market in Waco, TX.  Look at how real the floret looks with the four buds yet to open. The candle is Jo Gaines' signature candle from her shop. 

Maybe the artificial narcissi will be "planted" in the future, but for now they are just beautiful lying on the table. 

This is the view from the French bergère chair.  Yes, I want to enjoy the decorations for a little while longer. 

The candles at night add a little sparkle to the room.  Take a quick night tour. 

Thank you for stopping by for more Christmas decorations.  Believe it or not, there is still at least one more Christmas tour coming your way.  In a few days I will share how the master bath looks during the holidays this year.  Perhaps you are getting ideas for next year. 

Joyeux Noël

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