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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Lavender in a French Market Basket

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Artificial French lavender (lavande) in a reproduction French market basket evokes scenes from an earlier era in France and provides authentic vintage French style for a French-inspired garden and home in Texas. 

You see French market baskets on wheels all over France as shoppers actually do use them to cart home their daily grocery purchases. You may even see a bouquet of flowers sitting on top, perhaps a large spray of lavender stems. 

Faux lavender that looks real in a reproduction French market basket provides vintage French style for a French-inspired home
However, most modern-day French market baskets are just that, modern. Light weight, sleek open metal design, rectangularly shaped, state-of-the-art wheels built for traveling on sidewalks, up-and-down stairs, carted onto the metro, and folded up for storing once the contents are emptied. 

To find a reproduction French market rattan basket with wheels fires my romantic fantasies of how France was in another era. 

F R E N C H   L A V E N D E R   

i n   a 

F R E N C H   M A R K E T   B A S K E T 

French lavender, wood carved cane-backed chairs, and ruffled linen pillows create a French Country home of your dreams
A French rattan market basket also fires my dreams of how I want my home to look today. Flowers... lavender in a rattan basket, carved-wood cane back chairs, and ruffled white linen cushions add to the French Country home of my dreams. 

Realistic looking faux lavender in a rattan French market basket makes is easy to have French lavender year round
With realistic looking faux lavender, the dream is easier to make real. I can have bundles of French lavender year round, not just during lavender season. 

French lavender in a French market basket in a French-inspired garden and home with posts and beams
The lavender is in a large white French-style ceramic container with medallion design which allows the lavender to be used other places and frees the market basket to hold other things at Christmas 

Realistic faux French lavender in a French market basket adds French Country style to a breakfast room in a sunspace
With a deep container similar to the market basket, you can place a cardboard box in the bottom on which short flower vases can sit. Then flowers can be the right height to spill over the edge of the basket. Since the lavender is artificial, the flowers do not need watering, and the box inside the basket stays dry. 

Faux French lavender complements real purple hydrangeas, tulips, and hyacinths on an antique French Country table
The artificial lavender complements real purple-colored flowers ... tulips, hyacinths, and hydrangeas ... on the nearby French Country breakfast table. 

Faux French lavender in a French market basket inside looks like growing lavender in the outside garden
Today I planted 4" starter pots of Provence Lavender in the flower gardens outside. Dreams of a French Country garden include willowy lavender blossoms like the faux lavender stems in the French market basket inside. 

Petit à petit, l'oiseau fait son nid.
Little by little, the bird makes its nest.
French proverb 

One day at a time

a French-inspired garden and home 

becomes a reality. 


What is your dream garden and home?

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