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Easter Candy Treats | Dessert Table Setting

Friday, April 19, 2019

Easter candy treats are beautiful for a special dessert table setting using pastel candies, the cutest bunny dish, and handmade pottery. 

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
Looking for a last-minute table centerpiece for Easter that can double as dessert? Here's how to create a colorful, easy, and fun Easter table centerpiece using beautiful Easter candies normally destined for Easter baskets. 

E a s t e r   c a n d y   t r e a t s 

D E S S E R T   T A B L E   S E T T I N G 

🐇 Choose an adorable candy bunny 

Holiday candy and treats seem to get more beautiful every year. Chocolate Easter bunnies used to come wrapped in clear plastic wrap. Then they came in gold foil or silver foil. Now, you can find Easter chocolate bunnies wrapped in foil in your favorite color ... gold, silver, blue, purple, mauve, green, ... 

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
Not only do the chocolate Easter bunnies come wrapped in more and more beautiful shades of foil, you can also find them in several chocolate flavors... dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry... 

Best of all, you do not have to go to a gourmet candy shop to find these speciality candy bunnies. No, you can find them at your closest Target, Dollar General, Kroger Grocery, Walmart, HomeGoods, ... 

🐇 Surround your chosen bunny with pastel Easter colored candies in a glass bowl  

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
This time of year candy aisles are filled with your favorite everyday candies, but all dressed up for Easter in pastel colors. I chose Peanut M & M candies because they are one of our favorite year-round candies. M & M candies are just one of scores of options. 

🐇 Fill a clear glass flower vase with another kind of pastel candy 

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
Choose a clear glass container that is taller than the glass bowl with the bunny. Remember one of the elements of interesting arrangements is to vary the heights of the items in the arrangement. 

You may have a clear vase already, one normally used to display flowers. Or, you may have a tall clear crystal tumbler used for drinking iced tea. Or, do you have a distinctive clear jar you saved that once held jelly, olives, pickles, salad dressing, etc...?

Think about the shape and size, not the usual purpose, for clear containers you already have in your cabinets. 

Fill the repurposed container with another one of your favorite candies. Candy corn in Easter colors fill my flower vase. 

🐇 Fill an unusual shaped bunny dish with another Easter treat

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
A long white ceramic dish with bunny ears at one end and a bunny tail at the other end was labeled as a cracker dish, but is also the perfect shape to hold favorite French cookies, macarons, in Spring colors. 

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
A coordinating silk ribbon adds another touch of color around the bunny's neck. Don't be afraid to dress up plain bunnies. Add your own style to make your table settings unique. 

Next Monday after Easter will be a great time to shop for a special bunny dish for the future. Easter items at large retail stores will be on sale at bargain prices ... the perfect time to buy a whimsical bunny with personality for next year. 

🐇 Add a bunny to the table centerpiece 

Easter candy treats as dessert table centerpiece
The more the merrier? 

Yes! This white standing rabbit is probably more a hare than a bunny. Look at that serious countenance and those long alert ears. Not the look of a soft, cuddly bunny, but a look that grabs your attention. 

🐇 Set the table with pastel dishes and accessories

Easter candy dessert table pastel handmade pottery dishes
A pink plaid placemat anchors a handmade pottery plate stacked on top of a white dinner plate and a coordinating pottery coaster. 

Easter candy dessert table pastel handmade pottery dishes with calling card
Add something unexpected, but with a story, to spark conversation. 

Vintage calling cards at each place setting are reminders of a time when socializing in person was a regular occurrence, not just for special holidays. 

Ephemera are paper items originally meant for discarding after use, but now have become collectibles. I enjoy using ephemera with beautiful script or designs and find them charming in table settings, reminders of a slower-paced lifestyle. 

Easter candy dessert centerpiece on French country antique table in sunspace
Easter candy treats are an inexpensive, fun dessert table centerpiece. 

Easter candy dessert centerpiece on French country antique table in sunspace

Happy Easter 

from my house to yours 


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  1. Love how your lovely table turned out. Your sweet table has me craving a chocolate marshmallow bunny for some reason and I think I'm going to go out and get one and enjoy it!

  2. Happy Easer to you, Judith. As usual, your beautiful home shines! Sweetest table.


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