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French Country Easter Plate Stand

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The French Country plate stand in the kitchen sunspace has a little brown toile bunny for Easter decor this Spring. 

French country Easter plate stand with a brown toile bunny
The plate stand was a plant stand, but now houses my set of white dishes and usually has a few accents to celebrate the current season of the year. 

F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y 

E a s t e r   P l a t e   S t a n d  

French country Easter plate stand with a brown toile bunny in kitchen sunspace
The plate stand started out on the opposite side of the sunspace, and then moved to the covered back porch while it was still a plant stand only. When a light-bulb moment occurred to me to transform the plant stand to a plate stand to hold the white dishes, the stand moved back inside to the kitchen sunspace on the opposite side of the sunspace once again. 

French country Easter plate stand with a blue bunny ceramic pot in kitchen sunspace
Then after replacing the flooring in the kitchen with new tile, the repurposed plate stand moved to its present location. The brown toile bunny has graced the plant/plate stand in years past. While I try to add different touches to areas in my home, the only items new on the plate stand this Spring are the ivy plants. By combining existing items in new ways, there is a freshness to the arrangements. 

Another bunny also graces the second shelf this year. A ceramic plant pot decorated with a blue bunny holds ivy. 

Do you see the tall bright green grass gleaming in the sunlight through the windows? We allow the annual rye grass to grow tall to create a meadow-like area in the backyard. Since we are in the countryside outside any city limits, we can allow our yard to grow as we wish without violating city codes or annoying close-by neighbors in a housing subdivision. There is a stand of trees that blocks views of our backyard from the country road. 

French country Easter plate stand with bunnies, ivy, boxwood, and white dishes
The bottom shelf holds more ivy in a vintage ceramic pot. 

One of the things I like about the sunspace that extends beyond the wall of the rest of the house is being able to see cars as they arrive in our driveway. The plate stand and outside trees obstruct your view of the gravel driveway in this photo, but I can see through the stand and trees when cars are in the driveway. 

French country Easter plate stand with vintage blue high chair with ivy
Just to the right of the plate stand is a vintage high chair that holds more ivy. 

French country Easter plate stand with ivy nest with green egg on vintage high chair
There is a faux bird's nest with a ceramic green egg and small white feather (from Paris, France) in the top of the ivy plant. 

French country Easter plate stand with brown toile bunny, boxwood, and white dishes
Easter is less than a week away, but the bunnies and ivy plants will remain on the French Country plate stand for several more weeks when a new grouping for Summer comes to my mind. 


My thoughts have been filled with the devastating fire at  
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France on April 15, 2019. 

Please join me in keeping France and its citizens 
in our thoughts and prayers as they cope with the damage 
to their beloved iconic religious and cultural world treasure.

After seeing photos of the cathedral burning on Instagram, I began a collection of images of Notre Dame in its pre-fire glory and of Notre Dame on fire to record this monument and its historic event. You can see what my Notre Dame Cathedral collage contains at my 

Pinterest board 

I plan to update the board as more photos are released of the damage and as photos are shown documenting the rebuilding. Let me know if you would like for me to make this board a group board and if you would like to be a contributor to this board.


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