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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Inspired Fall Living Room

Thursday, October 11, 2018

F R E N C H   I N S P I R E D 

F A L L   L I V I N G   R O O M 

Fall is in the air in Texas. On cue for October, we have had buckets of rain (October is our rainiest month) and are headed to cooler temperatures with highs in the 50s later this week. 

Yes, Fall has arrived and with it the third annual Fall In Love With Texas home tour organized by my good blogging friend, Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles. See the links at the end of the post for the full schedule. Thanks, Katie, for inviting me to join.  

As a new season arrives, I feel the urge to decorate to match the season. Do you? And, the fastest, easiest way to decorate for a season, including Fall, is to add fresh flowers. Nothing can update my French-inspired living room for a new season better than flowers and plants. 

Even if nothing else is added to a room, fresh flowers and plants instantly set the season by using ones appearing in gardens at that time of year. 

Voilà, instant fresh seasonal decor.  

french inspired fall living room ornamental ruffled kale in french style urn
To give my living room a little extra zing this Fall, I used ruffled ornamental kale in a large French-style urn instead of using Fall's usual starring flower, chrysanthemums, as a centerpiece.  

f r e n c h ~ i n s p i r e d 

F A L L   L I V I N G   R O O M 

french inspired vaulted fall living room in a post and beam house
Part of the joy of decorating is using something new or adding a twist to something old. Introducing a flair that makes the arrangement your own creates your home like no one else's.  

french inspired fall living room white heirloom pumpkin in a bed of ruffled ornamental kale
The ruffled kale is the little twist that makes bedding a white pumpkin in an urn fresh and unexpected. Ideas for other bedding bases for a pumpkin are boxwood wreaths, grapevine wreaths, white baby's breath, and wild angel vine

french inspired fall living room white heirloom pumpkin in a bed of ruffled ornamental kale
Why did I choose ruffled ornamental kale for decorating the living room this Fall? 

As much as I love white, I also love periwinkle blue which is the one unifying color throughout my entire house. When it comes time to decorate for any season I always look for colors that go with my everyday look, blue and white. 

french inspired fall living room colors come from needlepoint pillow
For this Fall, I used the colors in this needlepoint pillow as my inspiration. The purple and green of ornamental kale are predominant colors in the pillow. 

french inspired fall living room with ruffled ornament kale and pumpkin in a french urn
The large French-style urn with pumpkin and kale, a white chrysanthemum, and a large purple ornamental kale are the only new things added to my French-inspired living room, but are all that is needed to add Fall decor. 

french inspired fall living room white pumpkin with twisty stem

A tip for creating beautiful decor on a budget 

is to use the same items in multiple places 

over a decorating season. 

❶ The large white pumpkin nestled in small ruffled ornamental kale bedding plants is now on the concrete bench in the entry garden leading to the front door

❷ The ruffled bedding plants now fill a large low container on the front porch where they will continue to grow during the winter.  

❸ The large purple kale was in the kitchen on the shelf behind the sink before coming to the living room for a few days. Now it is outside on the front steps. 

❹ The white chrysanthemum is in a French urn beside the concrete bench in the entry garden where it will remain fresh for a longer period this Fall. 

See beautiful Fall display tips for more photos of Fall arrangements from years past and with ideas for how to create them. I love decorating and sharing details with my readers for how to recreate similar arrangements in your own homes.   


Thanks for visiting my French-inspired Fall living room.  

Ready for more Texas-style Fall inspiration? See the full schedule for the Fall In Love With Texas blog tour below. Tell everyone I said, "Howdy." 






  1. Judith, these are such pretty and soothing colors for fall! I love your tips on using things in multiple places. And isn't it nice to have some cooler weather and a few sunny days! Happy fall!! xo, Andrea

  2. I love the addition of ornamental kale to nestle underneath pumpkins. This is truly so cute and clever Judith!

  3. Your home is so soothing and calm, and styled with such class, Judith. Thank you for all the tips and inspiration on this tour.

  4. That urn is beautiful by itself, but gorgeous with the pumpkin and kale. Pinning for when I find the right urn.

  5. It's just lovely. I love kale for fall and winter. Your home is stunning with the light filtering in. Thanks for linking to our blog tour.

  6. I love this....the urn, the kale, pumpkin...all so pretty.

  7. Just perfect, Judith! I like the ruffled kale. It not only gives a nod to your colors of the needlepoint pillow, but the texture is a fun contrast to the texture of the urn. I love the open ness and light filled rooms of your home. Each time I see your photos, I think how special your home is.
    Enjoy these crisp fall temps that we are having now. Happy Fall!

  8. Judith- as always everything you do is lovely and elegant.
    Your tips are always spot on.

    White Spray Paint

  9. Lovely arrangement, and the sunlight in your living room is grand!

  10. You have such a pretty room to decorate. The architectural elements are so striking!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. I love your living room, and the urn with the pumpkin is so pretty! I like the kale leaves in it, too!

  12. Judith, I think everything looks so pretty! I especially love that needle point pillow! Have a great weekend!

  13. What a beautiful tour! I love all the natural elements.

  14. Judith, your home is gorgeous. Really. You have a talent that needs to be more widely seen.

  15. Very pretty. The colors are so cool and calming. Love the white pumpkin in the marvelous urn. Perfect.


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