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GREAT Pumpkin For Fall Porch

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What makes a pumpkin a GREAT Pumpkin? 

Charlie Brown knows the answer, but he's still waiting out in the pumpkin patch for his great pumpkin. For the rest of us, there are G R E A T pumpkins to be had now, with no waiting. Here's what makes a great pumpkin for our  decks, our patios, our porches. 

The S T E M has to have character. It's not enough for it to be sturdy, nourishing the pumpkin throughout its formative months while still on the vine. No, the stem needs twists and turns, with a definite personality that catches your eye right away. 

 Then there's C O L O R!  When did all these non-traditional colors hit the market? Green, white, peachy, gray, red orange....  A soft green goes well with a white urn container AND the still green background trees and deck plants. The calendar says, "FALL," but the landscape still looks like summer. 

A few distinguishing blemishes are okay. They add even more interest to the pumpkin. 

The S H A P E can be round, oblong, tall, or even squat, but the great pumpkin for my porch is spherical filling the white urn. 

The unkempt squiggly vine wrapped around the pumpkin base nestles the great pumpkin into the urn. 

A pumpkin this great deserves a stately French-style urn as its home. 

The wild vine anchors the rustic pumpkin and provides a transition from the formal style of the urn to the blemished natural pumpkin. 

Do you have a GREAT pumpkin on your patio, your deck, or your porch? What are its stem, color, and shape like? 

One day, Charlie Brown, one day... 


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