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Christmas Beautiful Idea #4 Unadorned Tree

Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome to the fourth in a series of posts with some ideas and tips I think are 
Christmas beautiful ideas

Christmas inspires beauty in many ways.  
Heart rending songs, movies, and religious services 
create memorable scenes that often become embedded 
in our collective memories and become yearly Christmas traditions.  

One of the most loved beautiful traditions in towns all across America 
is lighting a towering Christmas tree filled with thousands of 
twinkling electrical lights that replaced lighted candles of yore. 

However, with mass global social media networks, 
unadorned evergreen trees from the Scandinavian countries 
are quietly gaining popularity elsewhere. 
For the past couple of years, I have been drawn 
to the simple elegance of an unadorned beautifully shaped tree. 

Christmas beautiful idea #4 
unadorned evergreen tree 

Well, this is almost an unadorned tree. 

A lone handmade paper angel hangs from the tree's center spire. 

I adapted directions for an angel ornament from Martha Stewart. 

A friend asked this week if this is a real tree. 
Yes, this is a real tree. 
Beautiful shape, dark green color, and lush branches. 
If only you could smell the fragrance! 

The tree came with a plastic tree stand attached to its base, 
but that look wasn't what I envisioned on my dining table. 
Using a vintage handsaw, I freed the tree from the plastic, 
and upgraded its stand to this white metal urn. 

Now, this is the base that befits the regal little tree. 
TIP:A plastic cup from a fast-food restaurant is just the 
right size and shape to fit inside the urn 
to hold water for the tree. 

Last year, an almost unadorned tree decorated the breakfast sunspace. 

A natural evergreen looked more country 
in a galvanized bucket on the front porch last year. 

Most years there is a decorated tree in the breakfast sunspace or living room or both places. 

An undecorated live tree fits in with the wood ceiling, posts, 
wood paneling and country pine table. 

What do you think? 
Is an unadorned tree in your plans this year? 

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  1. Judith, you are NOT going to believe this, but we just went out this Saturday and bought our first REAL tree in 33 years of marriage. And it is UNADORNED TOO! Well, with the exception of tiny lights. But I wanted something very French/Nordic/Scandinavian and that is the look. I really wanted a zinc bucket, but was unable this weekend to purchase one, but we found our little Fraser Fur at Home Depot! The perfect size!

    Yes, I agree - the smell and texture of these beauties is enough for me.

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  2. Beautiful! I won't be cutting a tree until around the 15th, but I've been thinking about less decorations this year.
    Have a lovely week,

  3. That really is elegant. I would love to get one this year. I always get a fresh wreath that I just put a homespun bow on to enjoy. It makes the whole house smell so good! Holiday hugs, Diane

  4. Judith,
    This year we decided to place live 2 foot trees throughout our house, all totally unadorned and placed in zinc, glavanished, baskets and champagne buckets. The lovely smell walking throughout our home releases such a memory stirring fragrance, it is magical. Pretty little live trees need no bling.

  5. danke für die tollen bilder!!! eine schöne woche wünscht angie

  6. Our Christmas tree has always been a mostly unadorned cedar....just several strings of clear lights and an angel (who is turning 67 years old this year) on the top. It is always lovely and peaceful!
    Thank you so much for this series of posts, I am enjoying every one!!
    Blessings of the season to you,

  7. Simply delightful, Judith. I like the natural look and no doubt the fragrance is wonderful.

  8. Hi Judith
    It looks like a REAL TREE :)
    And this is our look this year, bare soulful beauty, lights that's it.

    Love your naked tree, it speaks volumes in your dinning area, love the back staging of the interiors of your home, so country cottage French.

    See you and the grace you are creating soon.



  9. Not this year, but after seeing yours, I'm certainly not opposed to a small unadorned tree or two next year! It certainly beats trying to hide lights!

  10. I love it-great idea! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


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