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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Medieval Angel Pillow

Sunday, December 28, 2014

French Script, Angel, Flower, Blue 

Could there be a more perfect pillow for a French-inspired house? 

Add Medieval look to the description and the throw pillow had 
to come to live at my house four Christmases ago. 

The blue angel is perfect with the blue checked slipper chair 
that is my favorite place to sit. 

Purchased more than thirty-five years ago while living in Austin, Texas, 
and two houses ago, the chair and matching ottoman 
have been re-upholstered four times, the latest time this past year.  
After months of searching for fabric for the living room and 
adjoining breakfast room, I love the blue and white buffalo check 
I found for the living room.  
This is the first Christmas for the new upholstery,  
and I am very happy to see how pretty the angel pillow 
looks with the blue and white check. 
Previously, I used the pillow in my bedroom. 

The chair sits in the space between the living room 
and the breakfast sunspace. 
See it sitting behind the white ladderback chair? 
Normally the ladderback chair sits elsewhere, 
giving me an unobstructed view of the kitchen without it. 

 The chair fits my body. 
My short legs often dangle like Lily Tomlin's character, Edith Ann, 
when I sit in newer chairs that are made higher 
to accommodate taller Americans. 
My feet sit perfectly flat on the floor while sitting here. 

This little spot has all that I need. 
The big basket on the left holds my collection of 
British Country Living magazines. 
The brass gooseneck floor lamp was bought around the same time 
as the chair to use with the chair as I graded papers. 
The ottoman makes the chair into a chaise lounge which 
gave me room to spread out the students' papers and 
to hold a tray with a drink and snacks. 
Now, the ottoman sits near another chair in the living room, 
and the little low wooden stool on the right holds my drink 
while I read British Country Living for inspiration. 

The print over the chair was formerly in a guest bedroom. 
After reading an article in an old Victoria magazine about 
the American impressionist Frank Benson, 
I looked for his prints to hang in my house and 
my office while a school administrator. 
He, like Monet, used family members as models 
for his paintings. 
Impressionism... a little touch of France. 

Many years ago, I gave the carved wooden goose to my husband 
to use in his home office, but moved it the crossbeam behind this chair 
to add a little touch of Christmas 
with an artificial blue-berried wreath around its neck. 

The medieval angel will sit here for several weeks this winter 
before being replaced by the usual pillow on the chair. 
Who knows... if you drop by for visit in the spring, 
she may still be sitting in this same spot. 


all the fabric selections for the living room and 
breakfast sunspace.

The Frank Benson print hanging in the master bedroom did hang 
in my office at school while I was an administrator. 

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