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Deer Christmas Table

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Deer, deer, deer... 
Everywhere I look this year I see deer in Christmas decor. 

Is this deer smiling at us? 

Carrying a load of fresh cedar, juniper, fraser fir, horse apples, 
and antlers, he is dressed as the Christmas table centerpiece. 
Simple greenery gathered from the yard and from the trimmings of a 
Christmas tree made a quick, easy, and no-expense arrangement. 

He has a herd of friends with him. 
Deer, deer, and more deer... 

Two cotton kitchen towels placed end to end create a center table runner that 
matches the paper napkins draped over each plate. 
Could there be more regal deer than these? 

The white bowl at each place holds a small gift decorated with 
a wooden deer clip with glittered antlers and hooves, but could 
hold more traditional fare such as soup or salad. 
Do you see that cute little deer tail at one end of the bowl? 

White deer ornaments do double duty as place card holders and as table favors for guests. 
A close up of the wooden reindeer clip reveals its glittered antlers and hooves. 

Two options for napkin rings, both of which are ribbons. 
First is the individual fabric ivory ribbon deer snipped 
from a spool of embroidered linked deer ribbon. 
A metallic ribbon tied around a rolled napkin becomes elaborate reins 
that also hold the deer in place on the napkin.
Just slide the deer's head under the tied gold ribbon 
and twirl the ends of the ribbon to flow in the wind. 
The second option is a short length of deer-shaped brown ribbon 
tied around a rolled napkin. 
Both are so pretty and unusual, I couldn't choose which to use. 
So, I used both! 

Tree-shaped salad plates have reclining deer.   
Balsam Fir candles come in decorated keepsake boxes that also match  
the kitchen towel table runner and paper napkins at each place. 

Oh, so many beautiful deer. 

Just a couple of green deer amidst all the white ones add a little touch of color 
to tie the fresh greenery and the green in the table linens together. 

The year of the 
Deer Christmas Table 

makes a striking table setting close up, 
from the hallway, 

from the landing on the stairs across the hallway from the dining area. 
Do you see the silver reindeer flying from ribbons above the hallway? 
Those are from Pottery Barn many years ago... 
ahead of the trend.

Am I the only one who sees deer everywhere this year? 

Merry Christmas from my home to yours. 
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