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Winter Sunspace Plant Shelves

Saturday, December 27, 2014

While Christmas Day may be officially over, 
Christmas lingers for weeks at my house, 
especially this year with all the 
natural mostly unadorned greenery 
that will transition from 
Christmas to Winter 
quite easily.  

With just a bird, a nest, a little bit of green ribbon, 
ivy plants, a fresh boxwood wreath and a fabric snowdrop, 
the breakfast sunspace plant shelves 
can stay the same for weeks into Winter. 

The wreath has a Christmas look, 
but without glitz or bright spots of red 
that signal Christmas decorations,  
it also looks like Winter. 
Snowdrops are among the first bulbs 
to emerge and to bloom even amidst snows of Winter. 

Bright sunlight from the sunspace windows floods this corner of the kitchen. 
A live ivy wreath on the top shelf of the white garden shelves 
flourishes during Winter as it basks in the bright light. 

During the days leading up to Christmas, 
a vase filled with cut greenery added to 
Christmas decorations. 

Fresh cedar and magnolia branches sat on the floor 
between the two garden plant shelves, 
filling the room with Christmas aromas. 

Frasier fir clippings in a rustic basket on the extra seating, 
a white French ladderback chair, added to the holiday look. 

Nestled in the basket is a bird's nest found in the yard. 

One small holly branch is a subtle reminder of Christmas. 

Yet, nothing about a bird's nest makes it an 
exclusively Christmas decoration. 
Winter is the time to find abandoned nests 
that are not sheltering hatching eggs. 

TIP:  Mist a found bird's nest with alcohol-infused water 
to kill small mites that may reside in the nest. 
Remember to wash all fresh greenery from your yard 
with soapy water, then rinse, before using indoors. 

No trees/shrubs in which to look for a bird's nest? 
No problem.  

Use a handcrafted replica like the one on the boxwood wreath. 

Small 4-inch ivy pots add natural greenery on either side of the nest. 

The small real ivy wreath on the second shelf reminds us of Christmas, 
but the field glasses, purple twine/scissors, and Nest sign 
remind of us gardening plans/activities for Winter. 

A gray concrete dove with moss and a small ivy plant 
sits inside a galvanized crown on the bottom shelf of the plant stand. 

Greenery and birds' nests provide just the boost needed 
to see us through the cold Winter months. 

See Create Botanical Birds' Nests for easy directions on 
how to make your own bird's nest. 

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