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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

White Austin Stone

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is it Christmas? 
Something I have been wanting for years 
is about to happen. 

Summer 2014 
has turned into the year of projects, 
BIG projects that have been a long time coming. 

Maintenance, refresh, update projects 
required to qualify for house insurance renewal... 
No, the house has not gotten that run down, 
but maintenance does have to be done or eventually, 
a house will not qualify for insurance. 

Most of the Summer 2014 projects fall into the 
maintenance category, but one project falls into the 
a-dream-come-true project. 

One of those projects that fosters afternoons whiled away 
with wistful dreams of beautiful spaces in wooded surroundings. 
Of a place that could be a photograph in Victoria magazine 
or could be an artist's retreat in France.  
A place made from old-world materials with substance  
and quality to last a lifetime, no, to last several lifetimes.  
While this project may never be in Victoria, and it 
is in Texas, not France, it is the fulfillment of 
years of daydreams inspired by those lovely places.
Another fulfillment of my dream house. 

Here are just a couple of peeks at what is coming. 

White Austin Stone is in the yard. 

When the project is finished, super glossy 8x10s 
will show up here. 
You can count on it. 
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  1. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS, Judith! I know. We are now finally in the process of completing the weathered gray exposed beams that will be installed (fingers crossed) in the next two weeks. We have been in this brick cottage for 18 years now, and just three years ago, completed a dream to add two rooms, a family room with vaulted ceilings and an extra office. Both rooms will be getting the exposed beams.

    Your stone is going to look amazing, and your little artist retreat looks pretty FRENCH to me! I'll be back! Anita

  2. How exciting! I cannot wait to see the 8x10s. :)
    Have a lovely one, Judith!
    ~ Lin

  3. Wow! That will be so fabulous! And it's such fun to take photos as the job progresses! How exciting! Hugs, Diane

  4. You've certainly piqued my interest! Looking forward to the 'reveal'!...........

  5. Judith.... How exciting! I am really looking forward to seeing the completion.

  6. That's going to be gorgeous!!

  7. oh wow I am anxious to see it finished! it's going to be great.....

  8. What a gorgeous dream it is! Love the look of Austin stone, and your artist retreat sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see this finished. I know it will have a French feel. ;-)

  9. Judith! BONJOUR!

    I thank you so much for coming to visit my post. It was such fun to explore such a grand castle here in my city, with my best pal. We laughed, I danced, we snapped photos, we dreamed together of the fun we can have when we just LET GO. Thanks for coming to view!

    You know, you mentioned the writing tour! I believe I am involved in it! Linda from the blog, LIFE AND LINDA invited me to be a part of it at the end of August, so what I need to do is clarify if this is the same writing tour does this all work? For example, if she has included me on her tour, then will I be a part of your link? I am very excited to read and also participate in this because writing and the process has been a very poignant experience for me all summer long. And yes, going back to school has its stresses, and I hate to say "au revoir" to summer!

    OK, I will keep an eye on the writing tour, because I think we are on the same one. Thank you SO MUCH for asking about it, and I'll clarify which tour this is - all I know is that it's at the end of August????

    Let me know. Anita

  10. That is going to look great! You will love it!


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