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Rain Room, Rain Dances

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rain Room 
is a contemporary work of art, commissioned for Restoration Hardware's 
RH Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City. 

The work is a room-sized 328-square-foot field of falling water 
that pauses whenever a human body is present. 
As the body moves, the water falls around them, but never on them. 
…viewers waited upward of 13 hours to enter into an interactive encounter with rain.
from Restoration Hardware Interiors Catalog, 2014

This contemporary art piece mimics life in North Texas. 
Falling water pauses wherever a human body is present. 
Or so it seems. 

Summer months are HOT, often with 100°+ temperatures, and rain is sporadic. 
Leaves turn brown and drop from the trees to conserve water for preservation of life. 
A tree sacrifices some leaves to save itself. 

The trees in our yard look green, but the ground is littered with fallen dead leaves, 
casualties of no rain for weeks. 

While blogging friends in the north, especially bloggers in Canada, 
report the first winds of fall are teasing them, 
the fallen leaves here are not the first signs of fall. 
No, these leaves say hot summer with no rain is still here.

Rain skirts around our area, pausing wherever a human body is present. 
Thunderstorms rain upon our neighbors to the north, west, east, south, 
but not even a sprinkle on us. 

Then the rains came Sunday, August 17. 
All day long, steady, heavy rains. 
Cover your head with covers, roll over, listen to the rain spatter on the windows.  
So much rain that local weathermen reported DFW had the most rainfall
in the past 20 years for a single day in August. 

So much rain that the blue bowl on the back deck
filled halfway with water in just one single day.
Going from dry to half full. 

Leaf casualties stripped from the trees during the deluge look deceptively like fall. 

Now, that's my kind of rain. Where it falls on humans, not around them. 

Rain dances. 
Where Gene Kelly dances in the rain, tapping/stomping in the puddles,
swinging his umbrella around him, lifting his face up for rain to pour down on him.
Truly an interactive encounter with rain. 

How can falling water pausing be called interactive? 
That seems like not interacting with the rain. 

I must admit I am intrigued by the Rain Room and
would jump at a chance to see it in person.
The technology is mystifying. How do they do that?
How does the room sense a human body to stop the fall of the water.
Will our houses be programmed in the future to sense when their owners enter? 

To learn more or to see a Rain Room photo, visit
RH Contemporary Art

For me, I am happy to dance in the rain, as are all the little creatures around me. 


  1. What a concept Judith! Thank you for sharing and going to check the site right now!
    All the best,

  2. I have never been to it but how wonderful! We have a CD that has sounds of a creek and waterfall. It makes you feel like you are walking through the forest along a creek as the sound changes. I hope your rain soaked in and watered the grass and plants! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  3. Judith, curious that you should share this post today. As I hand watered some of my plants this morning, I, too, had these same thoughts going through my mind. Leaves falling as if it were fall, but here in TX we know there are no signs of fall on the horizon. The soaking rain of weeks ago was welcomed, but not enough. I've several things that have simply dried up in the heat and dry soil. We are on water restrictions, and can only use the irrigation system once a week. Some things I hand water, but it's not reasonable to try to hand water everything. Thus, some things simply haven't survived.
    I'm curious about the Rain Room. I'm off to visit the site. Thanks!

  4. Bonjour, Judith!

    I LOVE RH and I'd love to see this work of art of which you speak. And as I woke up this morning, RAIN and thunder and lots of lightening were ripping through here! Our state fair starts today, and I hope they have success as the rain seems to be winding down.

    Now it's time for me to get to school for meetings. First day of class is on MONDAY!

  5. During the summer monsoon, we live in the Rain Room and get drenched. I guess I'm old fashioned, but I much prefer this. Although, motion activated art sounds intriguing!

    How I love your posts, Judith! And thank you for your very thoughtful comment over at my little blog. I don't remember anything else about my high school art teacher other than the comment he made about my mobile ~ and yet, it had a positive impact. It taught me that not everyone will like or agree with what I do, but that I should continue creating what I love. An excellent lesson.

    Wishing you a lovely one today!

  6. Beautiful photos, Judith. Perfect for contemplating.....Christine


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