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Bird's Nest With Eggs

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Birds, feathers, nests, eggs...

Alone each one is beautiful and often the subject
of watercolors, photographs, vignettes,
china patterns, fabric designs, wallpaper...

but two aviary items found together are
more than twice the impact of one found alone.

Finding a bird's nest with eggs in the greenhouse
multiplied the pleasure of finding the nest alone.

Palest blue with brown specks...
Could I have special ordered a more beautiful nest with eggs?

Open lacy veined dead leaves,
brown curled mottled leaves,
long twisted twigs of varying thicknesses,
fine wisps of curving dried grasses
shelter the two eggs.

One eggshell remnant and one intact egg
suggest at least one hatchling
before the nest was probably abandoned by its owner.

Discovered high inside the greenhouse,
just inside on a small ledge, a bird had sought a sheltered spot
through a loose plastic flap to build its nest.
While trying to gently relocate the nest,
it tumbled to a larger shelf below,
revealing its treasured contents.

Disturbed nests are often abandoned.

Our two wooded acres outside any city limits 
provide a natural habitat for small animals, birds, and insects. 
Careful stewardship of the small landholding 
insures the smallest amount of pesticides, fertilizers,  
weed killers, and other chemicals are used. 

Nature rewards us by not only visiting, but also
by residing on the small preserve filled
with trees, both living and fallen.

Not just this bird's nest was in the greenhouse.

On the opposite end, on a high shelf inside a bookcase,
we found a second bird's nest.
No eggs.

Joy was more than quadrupled upon finding
the second bird's nest.

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  1. Two nests, and one with eggs! I rarely find nests here, so I know what a lovely discovery this was.
    Enjoy your day, Judith!

  2. I love finds like this! I'm always so amazed by the magic of nature! Thanks for sharing your pretty discovery!

  3. There is great joy found in abandonment, isn't there Judith? It's there where the writer finds her voice. Nature is always inviting us to look at life and even death. But a broken egg means somewhere, there are wings beating toward the tree tops. Happy Sunday, Anita

  4. What wonderful finds! While living in AL, we had a bird build it's tiny nest in the wreath hanging on our front door! How I hated using that door while the eggs were in the nest as I didn't want to disturb the "family home". Thank you for sharing your little bit of nature in unexpected places!

  5. Lovely. Heartening to hear joy about Nature. Our yard is a bit of an urban oasis Although we don't have 2 acres, we do have a pond, a small stream, and some food sources and cover for our furry neighbors. Unfortunately most of the neighbors in the urban area I now live in are not nature enthusiasts. Trap it, Kill it, pave everything over with concrete seems to be the general consensus around here.

  6. What a beautiful find, nature is a blessing.

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  7. Ditto Marie!!
    We live on two acres smack in the middle of town(but not too far from the river or the lake). We are SO rewarded by our feathered and furry friends. We have 'coons, all sorts of birds including a hawk and an owl, squirrels, the assorted wandering cats and dogs, 1 peacock and a couple of pea hens (who knows where they belong?) and the occasional deer and fox!! We provide them with fresh running water year around, lots of cover and nest boxes, corn, birdseed, hummer feed (which is LOVED by the woodpeckers too :^) and woodpecker blocks...even the mocking birds like those blocks! Last spring on the national bird count, we had 26 varieties visit our "preserve". Love the animals!!
    I'm so glad that you do too!!

  8. Judith, we love birds too! My husband and I are carefully watching baby bluebirds in a bluebird box on our fence right now. The little mama just works and works back and forth all day long. We also have a nest of cardinals in one of our crepe myrtles. They are so precious. Several times this summer we've looked out to see various baby birds who obviously were learning to fly but they were seeking a little shade on our patio. I have to admit that even with our water rationing (every 2 weeks here in Rockwall) we go out every day and spray the whole area where the bird nests are and fill all the bird baths. When it was so hot last week I worried about them!!

  9. Beautiful post!! This summer we had a bird build a nest in my potted parsley plant! Needless to say, I didn't clip that parsley all summer. It had several eggs, like yours. I have photos of the hatchings. They grew fast and were soon gone. Your eggs look similar to mine. Weren't we lucky to find these beautiful gifts of nature!? (You can see my hatchings at the end of my June/July post.)

  10. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful find with Share It One More Time. Cathy

  11. An empty nest, her story, and warm coffee.
    Parfait, Mme Bleu!


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