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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

A Dragonfly Magical Moment

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Magical moments happen at every age. 
One is never too young, nor too old for special 
once-in-a-lifetime events to occur. 
Events that stir excitement in a flash. 
Ones recognized as something special is happening, 
stirring a lightness in one's heart and actions. 
An event that for a few moments 
suspends daily routines and 
causes unbridled joy. 

I am not young anymore. 
Just today I remarked that I am considered 
a senior citizen by all groups that offer discounts... 
Restaurants, movie theaters, museums, 
the U.S. government, etc... 
I wasn't really lamenting the fact, 
just stating an observation 
and wondering how did that happen? 
When did I blink and become a senior citizen? 
Regardless of age, 
magical moments still happen. 

While watering the yard a couple of nights ago, 
unbeknownst to me, 
hitched a ride into the house 
on the sleeve of my t-shirt. 

Here it is, holding on underneath my sleeve. 
I didn't realize it was there until I sat down on the bed 
and caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye. 
At first, I thought it was a dead leaf, 
then felt it flutter and realized it was a 

I immediately hopped up, looking around for a camera. 
(Blogging has changed my reactions.)
Into the bathroom I raced to get my iPhone, 
racing against time, hoping the dragonfly did not zoom off. 
This was a special event that had never occurred before, 
during all my years becoming a senior citizen, and  
required a pictorial record. 

After struggling to get a photo shot of it on my sleeve and 
only managing to get a blurry photo of the dragonfly and 
a sharp image of the bathtub, 
the dragonfly buzzed to the wall, 
fluttering and flapping its wings to find a hiding spot
behind the framed bouquet of lavender. 
A couple of times it landed totally hidden 
behind the framed lavender, 
but emerged again. 

Several images later, 
the dragonfly rested on the edge of the bathtub. 

Then the dragonfly flew to my hand and landed. 
No fear, just marvel, at my good fortune 
to have a dragonfly land on me twice. 

The wings were so translucent and shimmery.

For a few moments,
daily routines were suspended as I
studied the beauty of the dragonfly and
felt lighthearted with joy. 

After a short rest, the dragonfly flew to the wall again 
where I was able to capture the living dragonfly inside a clear jar 
allowing me to release it out the back door. 
Without hesitation  
the dragonfly buzzed out of sight and sound, 
free of captivity. 

I think the little dragonfly probably became 
a senior citizen dragonfly in those few minutes, 
aging dragonfly years brought on by fright.  
Then again, it rested on my hand without apparent fear. 

Folklore legends say that 
if a dragonfly lands on you, you are going to hear good news 
from someone dear to you. 

Do you think I will hear multiple good news 
from someone dear to me 
since the dragonfly landed on me more than once? 
While researching dragonflies, I found 
a delightful and informative blog post. 

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