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A Dragonfly Magical Moment

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Magical moments happen at every age. 
One is never too young, nor too old for special 
once-in-a-lifetime events to occur. 
Events that stir excitement in a flash. 
Ones recognized as something special is happening, 
stirring a lightness in one's heart and actions. 
An event that for a few moments 
suspends daily routines and 
causes unbridled joy. 

I am not young anymore. 
Just today I remarked that I am considered 
a senior citizen by all groups that offer discounts... 
Restaurants, movie theaters, museums, 
the U.S. government, etc... 
I wasn't really lamenting the fact, 
just stating an observation 
and wondering how did that happen? 
When did I blink and become a senior citizen? 
Regardless of age, 
magical moments still happen. 

While watering the yard a couple of nights ago, 
unbeknownst to me, 
hitched a ride into the house 
on the sleeve of my t-shirt. 

Here it is, holding on underneath my sleeve. 
I didn't realize it was there until I sat down on the bed 
and caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye. 
At first, I thought it was a dead leaf, 
then felt it flutter and realized it was a 

I immediately hopped up, looking around for a camera. 
(Blogging has changed my reactions.)
Into the bathroom I raced to get my iPhone, 
racing against time, hoping the dragonfly did not zoom off. 
This was a special event that had never occurred before, 
during all my years becoming a senior citizen, and  
required a pictorial record. 

After struggling to get a photo shot of it on my sleeve and 
only managing to get a blurry photo of the dragonfly and 
a sharp image of the bathtub, 
the dragonfly buzzed to the wall, 
fluttering and flapping its wings to find a hiding spot
behind the framed bouquet of lavender. 
A couple of times it landed totally hidden 
behind the framed lavender, 
but emerged again. 

Several images later, 
the dragonfly rested on the edge of the bathtub. 

Then the dragonfly flew to my hand and landed. 
No fear, just marvel, at my good fortune 
to have a dragonfly land on me twice. 

The wings were so translucent and shimmery.

For a few moments,
daily routines were suspended as I
studied the beauty of the dragonfly and
felt lighthearted with joy. 

After a short rest, the dragonfly flew to the wall again 
where I was able to capture the living dragonfly inside a clear jar 
allowing me to release it out the back door. 
Without hesitation  
the dragonfly buzzed out of sight and sound, 
free of captivity. 

I think the little dragonfly probably became 
a senior citizen dragonfly in those few minutes, 
aging dragonfly years brought on by fright.  
Then again, it rested on my hand without apparent fear. 

Folklore legends say that 
if a dragonfly lands on you, you are going to hear good news 
from someone dear to you. 

Do you think I will hear multiple good news 
from someone dear to me 
since the dragonfly landed on me more than once? 
While researching dragonflies, I found 
a delightful and informative blog post. 

Please join me at these inspiring sites...




  1. WOW. Good morning, Judith! The other day while reading in my enclosed garden tea room/deck/patio, I looked up at the screen overlooking the garden, and there was a dragon fly. I too was marveled by this rare appearance.

    I am also qualified now to receive the title of senior citizen, though I feel like I'm in my 30s! But what I love about this life is that wisdom is an elixir of youth. The body...sure, it's falling apart! But the mind, the will, the courage to forge ahead and LEARN NEW THINGS is what makes me happy. These miraculous creatures cause us to pause a moment and like children, WONDER. What better way to stay young?

    He/she is a lovely specimen. I bet you'll never forget that moment...Anita

  2. I loved your story Judith and thank you so much for sharing the link to my post. You are so fortunate to have experienced one of these mysterious and fascinating creatures to land on you (twice!). There are so many legends about the dragonfly since they date all the way back to pre- historic time and are one of the oldest remaining species on the planet. Glad you got to have this wonderful experience and memory!

  3. Really enjoyed your comments about that very beautiful dragonfly. There's an old Indian saying, "We Have Walked Together In The Shadow Of A Rainbow" and I think you just did that.

  4. I love when things like this happen! They make ordinary days, truly extraordinary! I hope you do get some good news! Twice would be even better! ;)

  5. Judith!
    This is a lovely story!
    How docile and trusting was your garden hitchhiker! You were perfect choice for a "rest stop"!
    Our dragonflies are quite "hyperactive" and...(you would love them)...a "bleu-ish" color!
    It's amazing that you bring up being a "senior". I had a fun little compliment with reference to our generation the other day. You and I seem to have some very "in sync" moments here in blogland!
    Thanks for this lovely "rest stop" today!

  6. whoops!
    You were "a" perfect choice!

  7. Its so mice to meet a women who is not afraid of bugs! I love those dragon flies as well!! Fun Post!

    1. Well, it depends on the bug as to whether or not I'm afraid. Scorpions are not welcome on my shirtsleeve, hand, or bathroom walls. :)


  8. Judith, how ironic that I, too, have a dragonfly post sitting in draft. I was at the grocery store when "my" dragonfly lit on something in my cart and followed me to the car. I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment. This little creature wasn't the least bit frightened. Each time I tried to take him elsewhere, he flew back to me. I think he wanted to go home in my car. Then the following day, I experienced another dragonfly at the plant nursery, ready for its photo shoot. '-)
    Amazing creatures up close. Your little guy is so beautiful and different from the two I photographed.
    Yes, such times are magical. The gift of nature never disappoints! Thank you for sharing this moment with your amazing shots.

    1. Sarah,
      I will be watching for your post about your dragonfly magical moments. I had never noticed before a peachy-colored one with brown spots like the one that visited me. Something to ponder. Different birds have unique coloring, so I guess different kinds of dragonflies have different colorings.


  9. What beautiful photographs, and your commentary made the entire event so magical. I enjoyed your post. laurie

  10. Hi Judith, what a delightful experience. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  11. Dear Judith, no doubt you will hear good news, and I believe that dragonfly felt how much you were in awe of it's beauty and felt safe enough to land. What a beautiful story. I could feel that moment of pleasure, looking at this dragonfly on your hand! Everything about this post made me smile, thank you!
    xo Mary Jo

  12. I sense your exhilaration! You captured beautiful photos... photos that not only reflect an image but your personal joy as well. Dragonflies are a personal favorite, but I have never had such good fortune. I think this post is extremely creative and original. A blog is a pictorial journal, and these magic moments are forever recorded!

  13. Hello Judith! Your Dragonfly is incredibly beautiful and how amazing to have it land on your hand :) Dragonflies truly captivate me.

    I am so thankful to have come across your lovely blog and am now happily following along. Looking forward to visiting often! Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  14. That is fantastic you had this welcome visitor! We have been seeing a lot of dragonflies this year in our yard and on walks. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Wow! That is very cool! So glad you caught that little flutter and then captured the dragonfly in photos! Thank you for sharing!


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