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Watering Can Lamp

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Estate sales have the best 
unusual finds, 
things you cannot just walk 
into a store and buy. 

Of course, 
you may have to work on your latest estate find 
to get it to look like it belongs to you 
instead of the person whose estate was sold. 

The only things left from the way this 
watering can lamp 
 looked when I bought it at an estate sale 
are the lampshade and the plaid silk and raffia ribbons. 
Some day the lampshade will be replaced, 
when I find just the one that says, 
"watering can lamp" 
and that goes with the new 
brass leaf finial. 
The leaf finial came from Lowes a few years ago 
when the store discontinued a line of decorative finials. 
I bought a few of the heavily discounted finials that 
were on the display board for the line. 

No before photos...
Of a yellow can filled with 
artificial plastic greenery. 
Envision faux ivy... 

After removing all of the greenery, 
the little watering can lamp got a coat of pink paint, 
followed by scattered sponged darker shades of coral 
to add some depth to the color. 

Fabric and paper flowers and leaves replaced the plastic greenery. 

The marvelous plaid silk ribbon with its soft green wired edge 
determined the colors of the new fabric and paper faux flowers. 
How I wish I had yards and yards of that ribbon. 
The natural colored raffia adds just the right touch of 
whimsy to make the large bow interesting. 

When I found the large peach and cream paper flower 
with its ruffled edges tinged with purple, 
I bought all the shop had...two full blown and one bud flower. 
A full blown one is the star of the watering can bouquet, 
and the other two often appear on the stone shelf in the kitchen. 

Fabric peachy cream hydrangeas and variegated coral zinnias 
spill out of the watering can much like their natural 
counterparts do in real flower arrangements. 

The watering can lamp has been in an upstairs guest bedroom, 
but is now traveling around the house looking for a new location. 
A likely landing spot is in my loft office area. 
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