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Watercolor ~ Garden Shed

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Technology changes so quickly 
I have a hard time keeping current. 
(Does that happen to anyone else?)

This spring there have been so many 
beautiful photos by bloggers using the 
new app Waterlogue, 
but my iPhone was so old that 
Waterlogue could not be installed. 
Surely this was a sign that it was time to update my phone. 

I, whose old phone about ten years ago 
was ridiculed as being a brick, do not really like 
cell/mobile phones for several reasons. 
Not the place nor time to explain...

If you want to reach me, call me on my land line. 
Do not send me text messages. 
That costs extra money, either in a monthly plan, 
or by individual use. 

Do not pull out your smartphone and start using it 
while we are having lunch!

Back to Waterlogue...
So, what's a girl to do? 
Yepper, go shopping for a new iPhone, 
and install Waterlogue on it. 

The first of four watercolor images of THE garden shed in my backyard...

Friendly, helpful bloggers taught me how to do this. 
1] Send a photo to yourself as an attachment to your email. 
2] Open the email and save the attachment on your 
iPhone's photo app.
3] Open the photo in the app Waterlogue and voilà, 

Garden Shed #2 

I want to print a watercolor image of the garden shed to frame. 
Now, which one should I use? 

Garden Shed #3 

Garden Shed #4

After creating these four Waterlogue images, 
I emailed them as attachments to myself 
and saved them to my computer. 
The four different effects reminded me of the four seasons. 

Now, the question is which one to use?

The first one, Spring, is my favorite. 
Maybe I should print all four and use them 
in a grouping... 

Here is the original photo used to create the four 
Waterlogue images. 
For more shed views, see French Garden Shed Elements 

No, I don't like cell phones, 
but I am beginning to like the 
new things they can do. 
Please join me at these inspiring sites...




  1. This photo is just beautiful in all of the watercolor effects! I'm addicted to this app! I use it on my IPAD and sometimes just save photos from my blog to watercolor. Quick and easy on an IPAD...not sure about your phone. I just saw your bluebonnets....they would be lovely, too! Have FUN! Hugs, Diane

  2. I'm with you on the whole cell phone thing, Judith.
    Mr D and I recently purchased Windows phones. I chose the windows phone because of the camera lens and battery life. I am very pleased with the two features thus far.
    Your garden shed is beautifully interpreted by the magic of Waterlogue. (Your photo skills are brilliant to begin with, my friend!) Can't wait to see how the "app" translates to future Botanic Bleu brilliance!

  3. I love the results this app creates so very much, but I don't have an iPhone. So for now I'll just have to stick with my watercolor paints and work on creating a similar look.

    Just plain gorgeous!


  4. As lovely as the watercolors are, I prefer that photo of the real thing.

    I just got a new iPhone and have avoided getting the waterlogue app. I don't need another toy to take up my time.

  5. Judith, I've been using Waterlogue for months now. It is great fun, though I've yet to actually print one on watercolor paper. That was my intent. Is that what you plan to do? Your images are gorgeous, but like you, the first one is my favorite.

  6. I use Waterlogue on my iPad but still only have the old style flip phone with no texting. It's definitely a fun app to play with.

  7. Lovely photos! Phtoshop Elements will turn photos into water color photos as well if you don't happen to have an Apple Product with the app. You remind me of my friend, Joyce, who refuses to text or buy a smart phone. She will call one daughter to tell her to text the other one with her message. LOL In my job, I get texts all of the time from volunteers who are running late OR not going to show at all. I have told them to text rather than phone me on Sunday mornings as I may be in a service and can answer a text without disturbing the worship of those around me, but I have to get up and leave the worship center to answer a call disturbing everyone around me. Otherwise, yes, I'd rather talk to my friends than text.

  8. I love my waterlogue app too. Your garden house is the perfect subject, and I like #1 best too.

  9. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh my!! I love this. I mean I LOVE the water color of your garden shed.
    I was hoping that it was actually a water color FOR SALE!! I was bummed when I noticed that this link didn't take me to an etsy shop :0(
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing!!
    Have a great week,

  10. I love your shed, it is wonderful. The water colors are fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  11. Judith, this is so amazing and very beautiful. I did purchase the app recently; however, I haven't sat down to figure out how to "paint" with it. Glad to find you on The Scoop tonight. Thanks!

  12. What an awesome app, thank for letting us know about it! I love the second one the best!

  13. Your pictures look fantastic! I think my phone is too old to get it :(

  14. Isn't it an amazing app! Love that garden shed! Great to see you at the Outdoor Extravaganza!

  15. I like #1 the best. Aren't all these apps fun to play with? Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  16. Love this app, just wish I had it on my computer! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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