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Peonies, Hostas, New Upholstery

Thursday, May 8, 2014

As dawn broke there was just 
enough light to gather armloads of 
new peony blooms to 
make the trip from Alabama to Texas. 

White blowsy ruffled-edged blossoms 
fill a footed soup tureen that lost its lid 
long before I rescued the tureen from the antique store 
in a teeny Texas town.  

Tinges of pink outer petals and center stamen are the only 
color in the fragrant creamy white peonies. 

Fresh new hosta leaves add multiple shades of green 
to the arrangement. 

In the background is a peek at one of 
the breakfast chairs with its new upholstery. 

Are those large white flowers in the upholstery peonies? 
Seriously, what do you think? 

I really like how well the upholsterer was able to 
center the flower surrounded by the small blue flowers on 
both the back and seat of the chair. 

Are there too many stamen for the upholstery flowers to be peonies? 

Whatever kind the flowers are, 
I like the flowers in the new upholstery. 

With the white background, the floral pattern is light and airy. 

The peony arrangement goes well with the chairs. 

Have you noticed how well the blue in the new fabric 
goes with blue and white china? 

The green leaves in the new upholstery also go well with the hosta leaves. 

Peonies, hostas, and breakfast chair upholstery... 
All fresh and new... 

There are also new upholstered pieces in the living room, 
just waiting their turn to be in the spotlight. 
Coming soon... 
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