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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Lavender Touches~ Bath Decor

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Touches of 
fleurs, scent, and color 
in my master bath 
are soothing to all my senses. 

An English lavender plant on the counter 
adds a light fragrance  
and a soothing feeling when touched. 

The lavender bath salts 
also add both fragrance and a soothing touch 
when added to a rejuvenating bath. 

The lavender plant looks so refreshing in a white planter 
against the periwinkle walls.  

The sight of its blossoms atop long airy stems 

French Lavender hand soap 
releases a fresh burst of lavender scent 
each time I wash my hands. 

I can hear the buzz of the bees and see the butterflies 
hovering over the fields and fields of lavender plants. 

A tutorial for how I made paper butterfly boards 

A framed dried lavender bouquet is a reminder of the 
bundles of lavender found in French markets, 
cut fresh from the lavender fields.  

Another visual reminder of joyous times... 

At the end of the tub is a handmade wooden peg rack with 
a carved heart that is filled with hats of summer 
collected over a lifetime 
of special events and times. 

The lavender-y blue cap is a 
Space Shuttle Endeavor STS-134 
cap that commemorated the last flight, 
May 16, 2011, of the Endeavor.  
 It was the next to last flight of the 
entire Space Shuttle program, 
and seeing the Endeavor launch was a life-time dream.  

Lavender house slippers feel so good to wear 
after a long day of working. 
No matter how stressful my day at school had been, 
coming home and wearing these slippers always 
made me feel relaxed. 

Stacks of sets of original house plans for the house are 
tied with lavender picot-edged ribbons and sit in a basket. 
Special memories always come to mind when I look at them. 

The lavender embroidered hand towel 
is from Sarlat, France
a magical medieval French town.  

France is renowned for its beautiful linens. 

Exquisite details and multiple colors 
are perfect examples of why 
French linens are treasured. 

For a tour of the layout of the entire bath, 

Lavender touches that connect to my senses, 
emotional sense, 
truly make my bathroom a restful spot for me. 

What gives you a soothing rest at the end of the day?