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To Mother, With Love

Sunday, May 11, 2014

To all the mothers 
on this special day...

To Mother, With Love

A bouquet filled with beautiful flowers 
tumbling out of the vase in all directions... 

like a Mother's love that spills out of her heart 
in all directions... 

A closer look at both flowers and
a mother's heart reveals 
the beauty 
of untidy compositions. 

Red roses, white hydrangea, and white tulips...  
all neat, disciplined beauties  
that anchor the floral arrangement. 

Daily meals, nightly baths, laundered clothes,
homework lessons, earnest heart-to-heart talks... 
all solid, relentless rituals 
that are a mother's love. 

Wild honeysuckle vines and scurfy peas, 
their tendrils wildly spilling over the vase's edges, 
give the floral arrangement its untidy, 
but exuberant, look. 

Giggling, tickling embraces, 
chocolate chip cookie baking lessons, 
wild cheering from the bleachers, 
prom dress shopping excursions... 
untidy events spilling out of a mother's heart.. 
a mother's loving exuberance. 

Together, the neat disciplined flowers and
the wild unexpected vines create a beautiful arrangement
that captures our hearts and
lingers in our memories long after the flowers fade.

To Mother, with love

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  1. Beautiful photos>hope you had a lovely Mothers Day...Love sujatha...:):)

  2. Lovely flowers...enjoy the week Ria...x !

  3. This is such a lovely analogy, Judith. And your post has stirred so many warm memories. Thank you for that.

    Gosh, Texas must be in full bloom! Your flowers are incredible. We, on the other hand, are limping along and praying for 70 degrees. The only flower I could possibly cut right now is the snowball viburnum. Can you email me an arrangement ?

  4. Such an incredibly beautiful post, Judith ~ both the lovely arrangement and beautiful words for Mother's Day. I hope you had a wonderful day on Sunday.

    P.S. Temps already in the 90s at your house and snow at mine. Thank you for the warmth you sent me in your kind comment! :)


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