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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Sunspace Garden...Ladder Envy

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seeing old ladders used 
in creative ways makes me long for a ladder. 


If only I could find an old, weathered, 
paint-spattered wooden step ladder... 
to decorate with gardening treasures... 

Wait a minute... 

I have something already, 
even better.

A metal three-tiered shelf unit 
with scalloped edges on the shelves and
French fleur-de-lis finials 
has deeper shelves than a ladder. 

Slowly being transitioned from 
a Christmas look to a winter look... 

The white pointsettia will continue to flower until March. 

But, artificial snowdrops announce the end of winter is near. 

Birds of all kinds of feathers make their nests in a variety of ways. 
From glittery nests on bare stems.... 
To bleu ceramic planters... 

To small handmade wooden birdhouses... 

To small artificial branches under tendril-etched cloches. 

A silver bell white twiggy Christmas looking wreath surrounding a 
glass beehive 

Gives way to a triple birdhouse with a California license roof and 
three ceramic knobs as perches...

The birdhouse may be a mobile home for birds since 
it has traveled all around the house 
beginning with its creation. 

On another stop it was decorated for Christmas outside on the 
garden shed blue door. 

For now, the birdhouse presides over the small white bookshelf...

Filled with gardening tools, both vintage and new... 

And, with ivy topiaries waiting out winter, longing for outdoor spring weather instead. 
The little Noël stake lingers a little longer. 

Soon the heart-shaped topiary will instead wear little red decorations 
in honor of Valentine's Day. 

The preserved boxwood ball was spritzed with white paint 
to renew its look for winter after losing its freshness. 
(Should have been spritzed with WATER more often!)

The white bookshelf serves as a small winter 
sunspace garden 
very nicely. 

Near the metal shelf that has ladder envy and 
the breakfast table that held a little French Country Christmas 

Sits my newest little divided box that is decorated with a fleur-de-lis and 
waits for small treasures to fill its spaces. 

The French inspired metal shelf is perfect in the 
breakfast sunspace next to the winter garden-filled white shelf. 

Ladder envy be gone! 

No, I do not need a weathered wooden step ladder instead,  
Do I?
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