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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Greenery & Lights

Friday, January 10, 2014

are all words that describe 
greenery & lights  

are still up and about at my house 
the second week of January. 

Christmas is a magical time filled with promises 
of love, laughter, joy. 
Why does it have to disappear so quickly? 
Why can't we have the reminders for a little longer? 

I am not ready to see it go. 

I still like seeing the welcome to my house... 

The soft blur of lights surrounded by fresh greens... 

The beautiful little tree with its dark green branches, 
perfect shape, and just right single top stem 
looks so cheerful leaning against the wall. 

The holly tree and the mossy brick steps 
aren't ready to see the greenery go either. 

Bonjour, my friends, 
not au revoir, 
just a little while longer let's look at
the blue berries and the little green tree. 

Let's enjoy the 
little red ribbon holding the single 
red ornament 
just a few more days. 

tree that adorned the living room 
is gone from the living room. 

Sad to say, it doesn't look like its beautiful self 
that sat on the deck waiting to come inside. 
No, now it's dry, brittle, and ready 
to become mulch. 

the bright lights on the outdoor arbor are still cheery. 

So, let's keep the front entrance greenery and 
the cheery arbor lights a few more days 
to remind us of the 
love, laughter, and joy 
promised by