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Blue O Holy Night Shelf Decor

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A blue handmade O Holy Night wood sign is the center of a stone kitchen shelf decorated for Christmas. Christmas cards set the scene for the three wisemen following the guiding star. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor has Christmas cards depicting the setting for the first Christmas
Christmas cards have beautiful scenes that tell the Christmas story and are an inexpensive way to create memorable Christmas decor. 

B L U E   O   H O L Y   N I G H T   

S H E L F   D E C O R  

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor is on a shelf set in white stone in a kitchen
A shelf set high into a stone wall in a country kitchen is a perfect spot for adding Christmas decor. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor's centerpiece is a handmade blue and white wood sign of the three wisemen
A handmade sign called O Holy Night was the inspiration for the shelf's Christmas decor. 

rubber stamp with a detailed design of the three wisemen was used to add the blue design to a white painted semicircular wood board. The words O Holy Night were printed on computer paper to make a template for a stencil. The words were traced onto the wood board, and then blue paint filled in the outlined words for the message around the three wisemen. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor includes a cluster of blue stars and a large white guiding star
Blue stars splattered with a fine mist of gold spray paint represent the night sky, and a large white ceramic star is the guiding star leading the wisemen. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor has a Christmas card with three wisemen on camels underneath a navy sky
In my collection of saved Christmas cards are two almost identical  cards with the three wisemen on camels with a navy sky background. Small metal clips raise the two wisemen cards above the shelf on either end of the shelf. 

Two laser cut white cards depict outlines of the Holy city at each end of the shelf. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor has exquisite Christmas cards including a shepherd boy with his flock of sheep and wind-blown garments under a night sky
Christmas cards are exquisite small works of art with original designs. The shepherd boy, staring into your eyes, is haunting with his flock of sheep and his wind-blown garments under the night sky

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor includes a beautiful card of a blue-robed angel playing a harp
A blue-robed angel playing a small harp is another character in the story of the Holy Night. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor has small bottle brush trees and preserved boxwood for color and texture
Small bottle brush trees and preserved boxwoods add color and texture to the scene. 

Blue O Holy Night shelf decor is in a large white stone wall in a country kitchen
Early afternoon sunlight streams onto the kitchen stone wall with the shelf decorated with a blue O Holy Night scene. 

Traditional Christmas colors are red and green, but blue and white seem a natural color combination to set the scene for the nativity story of the Holy Night under a star-strewn navy night sky. 

Save your Christmas cards to create small Christmas story scenes on shelves, mantels, buffets, etc... for inexpensive beautiful Christmas decorations. 

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