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Welcome Fall | Front Porch, Table, Centerpiece, Mantel, Kitchen

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Welcome Fall into your home with your front porch, table, centerpieces, mantel, and kitchen. I gathered up Fall decorating ideas at Botanic Bleu, right here in one post, to give you the newest ideas of how to celebrate Fall at your house. Plus, instructions and DIY tips are in every post to help you create similar Fall decor in your home. 

Welcome Fall decorating ideas with twisty stem white pumpkins
Fall is just a week away in the Northern Hemisphere and begins September 23. Pumpkins arrived at my favorite local nursery this weekend, and I am ready to decorate for Fall at my house. 

A look back at how I decorated for Fall in the past inspires me to try something new and different each year. I hope these ideas will do the same for you! 

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W E L C O M E   F A L L 

with  your   

F R O N T   P O R C H,   T A B L E,   

C E N T E R P I E C E,   M A N T E L,   

K I T C H E N  

Let's work our way into and through the house with photographs of pumpkins, flowers, dishes, vases, flower pots, wooden boxes, ... for the newest ideas for Fall decorations. Click on the title below each photo to go to a full post with details. 

Front Porch and Entry 

An entryway and front porch with pretty Fall flowers, plants, and door decor welcomes guests, delivery men, repairmen, ... and make the first impression of our homes with all of them. Let's not forget, however, our homes are also for US, and a beautiful, inviting first sight of our houses welcomes us and our families home. 

Welcome Fall decorating ideas for using color in your entry way and front porch

Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas In Color 

See how I refreshed my entry garden and took the front entry from plain functional to an inviting colorful entry decorated with Fall colors . . . that complement my front door. 

Table Fall Display 

Creating a Fall display on a dining table is a beautiful way to add Fall color. The display does not have to be a centerpiece for a dinner party, but can be a display for its own beauty and for your enjoyment alone. If unexpected guests drop in, then they too can be greeted with gorgeous Fall decor. 

Welcome Fall with beautiful fall display tips

Beautiful Fall Display Tips 

Through experience, research, reading tips from others, and studying floral designs in media, I've collected a few ideas about how to create my own garden and house displays. You probably know many of my tips already, but you may find some new ideas. 


Dining tables are not the only places for centerpieces. Buffets, coffee tables, chests of drawers, and kitchen islands are more places for stunning centerpieces. Magazines and social media are treasure troves for centerpiece ideas, but often do not include the how-to information for putting together the centerpiece. 

Welcome Fall decorating ideas DIY tips for a blue box

Welcome Fall decorating DIY tips for how to style a rustic blue box

How to Style a Rustic Blue Box

You may have a natural talent for knowing exactly how to style a large box with flowers, pine cones, pumpkins, and wild wispy vines. Or, you may have taken floral courses or weekend workshops to develop your talent. 

I confess I did not have a natural talent and did not take a course to develop a talent for styling a rustic blue box. No, I developed my skills by reading gracious fellow bloggers who shared their tips and secrets for styling arrangements on their blogs, and some even have shown step-by-step instructions. Plus, I have a very talented sister who is a professional florist who gives me pointers periodically. 

But, I must say I am pleased that I was able to put this arrangement together all by myself and am delighted to share my how-to tips, including step-by-step photos and instructions, with you. If I can do it, you can too! 


Homes with mantels offer a natural focus point in a room to display Fall arrangements. The arrangements can be simple, or they can be sweeping elaborate displays that fill the entire space. 

Welcome Fall decorating ideas for mantels with new and old traditions

Fall Traditions New and Old

Decorating mantels for Fall is an old tradition. Using white pumpkins is somewhat a new tradition. The only color pumpkin used in Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving recipes by me until about five years ago was orange. 


New varieties of pumpkins began showing up in magazines, HGTV, and social media. New Fall decorations were born and white pumpkins mixed well with my French decor. 


Kitchens are often the heart of the home where we spend most of our time. What better place to decorate for the seasons? Obvious places to decorate are tables, counters, and kitchen islands. But many kitchens now include open shelves, perfect places for adding Fall touches. 

Welcome Fall decorating ideas for a kitchen shelf using Provence fall blue and yellow colors with a French twist

Provence Fall Colors | Blue and Yellow 

By exchanging one or two colors each season, the shelf in my kitchen goes from the previous season to the new season. Here's a seasonal update to Fall on the stone wall shelf... with a French twist or two. 


You may have noticed none of my Fall decor includes brown or orange. Instead of changing my entire room or house to a different color scheme for each holiday during the year, I find ways to mix holiday decor with my existing blue color scheme. Saves time, energy, money, and storage space for decorating items. 

I encourage you to decorate with the colors you love. While blue is prominent in my front porch, table displays, centerpieces, mantel arrangements, and kitchen decor, you can switch out blue with your signature color scheme for your Fall displays. 

Or, if you love traditional Fall colors, then use them! 


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