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Summer Fades Into Fall

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

capture the last memories of summer 

Fall arrives September 23 in the northern hemisphere this year, but once school starts back from summer vacation and Labor Day weekend occurs, summer begins to fade into fall regardless of the date or temperature. 

Summer fades into fall with ideas for capturing the last memories of summer in your home decor

Looking for ideas of how to capture the lingering summer before it slips totally into fall or for ways to introduce fall decor gently?  

Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home is hosting Transitioning from Summer to Fall Blog Hop, and I am joining her with over 20 bloggers sharing ideas for bringing a little fall into your home during these last few days of summer. 

If you are already reading through all the great posts, and you are coming from Cindy at County Road 407, welcome! Cindy's posts are always packed with great ideas served up with wit and humor. Love her and her style! She not only lifts your mood, she also lifts your spirits with her gracious support of others. A side benefit for me is she lives in the same area of Texas as I do, and we get to visit when the area bloggers get together. 

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A S   S U M M E R   F A D E S   I N T O   F A L L 

capture the last memories of summer  

Summer fades into fall is a mind perspective instead of a tangible event
The transition from summer to fall is more a mind perspective than a tangible event. Fall arrives at different parts of the world at different times depending upon the climate, and fall arrives at different times for people in the same area with the same climate based on their views of the world around them. 

Summer fades into fall with drying green hydrangeas in a home office
With sweltering temperatures where I live, my mind's perspective is summer is still here for many weeks, but there are a few changes outside reminding me fall is coming. 

The hydrangea blooms have all lost their beautiful blue shades, have turned green, and have begun to take on rosy hues as summer winds down. 

Summer fades into fall with drying hydrangea blooms in a long narrow wicker basket
With a long narrow wicker basket in faded, muted colors, I am capturing the lingering days of summer's hydrangea blooms. 

Summer fades into fall with ideas for home decor with a wicker basket nestled behind a glass desk pad
The long basket fits neatly behind the glass desk pad in my home office and provides a spot for enjoying the blossoms a little while longer as they dry.  

Summer fades into fall with ideas for home decor filled with items from family trips
As I sit at the desk, my mind wanders as I look out the window, lost in thought of this summer's good memories. As I turn my gaze back to my desk inside, memories of summers gone by include traveling around the globe with friends and family. The large marble globe was a Christmas gift from my mother years ago, and the small clear glass ball etched as a globe was a gift from a teaching colleague when I retired. 

Past summer travels included trips with my late mother many times, the most poignant a trip to France together the summer after my dad died. 

Summer fades into fall with ideas for capturing travel memories of summer
A print of a panoramic view of Pont Alexandre III (Alexandre III Bridge) in Paris captures previous summer memories of traveling to Paris many times with students, colleagues, and family.  

Summer fades into fall with ideas for displaying vintage French grape cutters
Harvesting grapes is a late-summer-into-fall event. 

Vintage French cutters for harvesting grapes bring memories of French vineyards, wine-tasting events, helping bring bottles of wine home to the parents of traveling underage students, touring cool wine caves below ground, and shopping Paris brocantes (flea markets) with my sister. 

These vintage French grape cutters were a Christmas present from my sister who secretly bought them for me at a Paris brocante on our last trip to France. 

Summer fades into fall with ideas for capturing lingering memories of summer in home office decor
The grape cutters lying on my desk are another reminder of summer fading into fall and are a way to capture summer memories in my office decor. 

As you gather ideas for transitioning your home from summer to fall, include things with special memories for you and your family. Nothing makes a home cozier than living with precious memories of the summers of your lives. 

Next up on the blog hop is Carol at Art and Sand, another special person who has beautiful ideas, a joy-filled colorful home, incredible gardens, and a spirit full of life and encouragement. Visiting Art and Sand always makes me happy. Check her out! I bet you leave with a smile on your face, too. 

Be sure to visit all of the talented bloggers whose homes are filled with an amazing array of ideas you can use in your own home for transitioning from summer to fall. 

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