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Fall Traditions New and Old

Monday, October 2, 2017

New and Old 

Fall Traditions 

Different seasons of the year have their own special traditions for our families, for our schools, for our jobs, for our communities, and for our circle of friends. One of the traditions I love seeing and taking part in is BLOG TOURS, a relatively new tradition for me. Working with fellow bloggers is always fun, and seeing collections of blog posts that revolve around a common theme are great places to get new ideas for my own garden and home. 


FALL In Love With Texas Blog Tour

I am so happy to have many new friends found through blogs, and one of my new Fall traditions is joining Texas bloggers for a Fall tour. This group is a special group because many of us live within driving distance of one another (within TEXAS driving distance... 😏,) and we get together in "real life" a couple of times each year for eating, sharing, and laughing... lots of laughing...  

And, when we cannot get together "live," we gather together in the virtual world of blogging. 

Thank you for joining us for our latest gathering, the FALL In Love With Texas Blog Tour.  

Come on in, as we throw open our doors. 

A schedule for the week is at the end. 
You will want to hop over to all of the bloggers
to see what Fall traditions, recipes, and decorations are going on in their homes. 

Stacey at Poofing the Pillows started off the tour with her new forever home which is gorgeous. 

Her limestone walls and fireplace spoke to me when I saw the first peeks during construction. 

Love limestone also? 

Then you will love seeing the limestone fireplace in my living room. 

Fall Living Room 

Decorating mantels for Fall is an old tradition. Using white pumpkins is somewhat a new tradition. The only color pumpkin used in Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving recipes by me until about five years ago was orange. 

Then along came Pinterest and blogs with white pumpkins, gray pumpkins, green pumpkins, blue pumpkins (not really blue, but blue-ish,) orange striped pumpkins, and the local pumpkin sources exploded with all the new colors, too. 

New Fall decorations were born and white pumpkins mixed well with French decor. 


nuit blanche 

a new Fall tradition in Paris, France 

Nuit blanche means white night in French. 

Nuit blanche is an idiom in French that translates to "pull an all nighter," as in a French student studying all night for a college exam. But, that is an old tradition, not a new one.

The new Fall nuit blanche tradition, begun in Paris in 2002, is when all of Paris celebrates contemporary art in avant-garde artistic installations, concerts, exhibitions, staged scene sets... Public transportation and restaurants stay open all night as part of the festivities. 

Each Fall, nuit blanche offers a new view of Paris on the first Saturday of October. This year nuit blanche is October 7-8. The new Parisian Fall tradition has become popular in other French cities and has spread to other European cities, too.

Is your passport up to date? You could be in Paris by Friday, rested and ready for this year's nuit blanche the next day. 

nuit blanche 
a new sign for Fall 

Green pumpkins are part of the new Fall traditions at my house. Miss Mustard Seed, Cedar Hill Farmhouse, and My French Country Home are three of the blogs that influence new decorating styles in my French-inspired garden and home in Texas. 

Soon I hope to add another autographed decorating book to my collection from a fourth source of French style inspiration, French Country Cottage

A large Palladian window and French doors bring the outside right into the living room. Little by little the furniture and accents are being replaced with pieces that reflect more French style. 

Small additions, like the white chippy urn, are easier to find than large furniture pieces. The color and style of the urn are perfect for new Fall decor with green pumpkins and seeded eucalyptus.  

A new white ruffled linen pillow adds another layer of French style to the bergère. 

Fall Dining Room 

The living room and dining room are open to each other which allows a Fall centerpiece on the table to be enjoyed from the living room. 

White and green pumpkins with white and blue hydrangeas are not the typical color palette for Fall, but work beautifully with the colors in the house. 

This is the view from the front entry hallway of the house. Whatever is on the dining table creates the first impression for visitors, and the pumpkins with hydrangeas display makes a beautiful first sight. 

Old Fall tradition of pumpkins in new Fall tradition colors accent the blue and white hydrangeas. A beautiful old-mixed-with-new Fall tradition... 

A French wire basket is a new style for holding Fall arrangements. 

Twisted stems with character are another new Fall decorating tradition in the past five years at my house. 

Later this week I will share tips for how to create Fall decorations and will share a secret about these green pumpkins. 

When did you first discover seeded eucalyptus? Seeded eucalyptus is a new Fall decorating plant for me after seeing it used by others for 2-3 years. I have known and used preserved round leaf eucalyptus all my adult life, but it has never been one of my favorites due to its fragrance. 

A Fall arrangement is easy to create with just one LARGE green pumpkin and a small cluster of seeded eucalyptus. 


Do you have any new Fall traditions? Are you a traditionalist when it comes to orange pumpkins?

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