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Usher in Spring | White Bunny Arrangement

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

An arrangement of a white marble bunny, artificial white and green flowers, and a white-washed round basket provides just the needed touch to usher in a new Spring. 

Spring officially arrives in a only a few days, and we are ready! 

Usher in spring with white bunny arrangement
The pine chest at the end of the fireplace is my favorite place to add seasonal touches throughout the year. With a handful of objects a new Spring is welcomed this year . . .  in a delightful way. 

U S H E R   I N   S P R I N G   

W H I T E   B U N N Y   A R R A N G E M E N T 

Usher in spring with white bunny arrangement at end of stone fireplace
Here is that perfect spot to decorate. The white limestone fireplace separates the living room from the kitchen. The large stones and structural wood post add so much character to the space and provide a texture backdrop to whatever sits on the chest. 

The chest of drawers is visible from both rooms which doubles the impact of a single arrangement. 

Usher in spring with white bunny arrangement DIY details

D I Y   D E T A I L S 

The arrangement is simple with no special skills, and only one special tool, required to make it. All you need are an adorable bunny, a round basket with a flat base, a garland of artificial flowers, and a strong metal snipper.  

Choose an adorable bunny first. All of the other items in the arrangement are white which was dictated by the color of the bunny, the focus of the arrangement.  

The marble bunny sits on its own wooden base without needing anything else to anchor it. As long as the base of the basket is flat, the bunny is stable. 

An artificial garland of flowers needs no arranging, just fluffing, after inserted into the round basket. 

Insert your garland inside the basket before adding the bunny. Most garlands are made along a sturdy wire base. Use sharp metal snippers to cut the garland's wire base to the desired length. The circular rim of the basket will hold the strong wire base of the garland in place. A rectangular basket may require bending the wire base of the garland at each corner. 

Fluff the flowers! I like my arrangements to be a little on the wild side with fronds going outside a tight circle . . . just keeping them corralled in the same direction. 

Insert the white marble bunny into the center of the basket, and arrange the flowers so the space around the bunny is filled. By arrange the flowers, I mean fluff them by bending and moving them into position. On a garland, there is little fluffing required. 

v o i l à 

Usher in Spring

Usher in spring with white bunny arrangement

R E - U S A B L E   C O M P O N E N T S 

The best decorating objects are those with multiple purposes in a variety of ways during the year and in different spots around the house. 

By not gluing anything in the arrangement, the bunny can be removed when Spring is past. Then the basket and garland of flowers can be reused in different arrangements during other seasons of the year. Insert a different seasonal object where the bunny had been. 

Without the flower garland the basket can be used for tasks other than centerpieces. Using a fabric napkin as a liner, the basket can be a bread basket. Or the basket can be a catch-all for keys and change on a bedside table in a guest bedroom. 

The flower garland can be wired together at the ends to form a wreath for hanging on a cabinet door. Use a color-coordinated ribbon to hang the wreath from an inverted cup hook on the inside of the cabinet door. A cup hook on the center glass door of my china cabinet is a permanent fixture for hanging wreaths. See Christmas Dining Room Dressed in Boxwood for close-up details of how the cup hook is attached. 

Usher in spring with white bunny arrangement on pine chest of drawers

Spring, we are ready for you! With a fun white bunny arrangement and fingers crossed for warm weather. 


White Marble Bunny Arrangement -  French Country Spring Event, March 30 and April 6

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