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Bulletin Board Spring Inspiration

Monday, March 25, 2019

Short and Sweet 

inspiration de printemps 

Do you enjoy collecting photos for inspiration? Yes? See my current bulletin board filled with PAPER inspiration for printemps (Spring) and to get some ideas of how to create your own inspiration board for Spring and Summer gardening. 

Bulletin board spring inspiration from magazines and catalogs

In this era of high tech, I am inspired by posts on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Blogs, my favorite, but I still love collecting paper photos from magazines and catalogs. Anything that captures my imagination gets saved. 

Sometimes entire magazines are saved. Victoria and British Country Living magazines are the two magazines saved most often, but my collection includes scattered issues of Country Home, Traditional Home, and special editions of French Country. Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma catalogs are the top two catalogs from which I save pages for their beautiful displays and for their photo-shoot locations at houses and gardens with stunning architectural details and natural locations.  

Most often, however, I tear pages from magazines and catalogs before discarding them, and keep them in file folders by categories. Periodically, I go through the files to enjoy the pictures and to get ideas for my garden and home. Thumbing through them is a wonderful way to fill a cold, dreary Winter day, or a rainy day during any season. 

Top Three Inspiring Spring Categories

l'oiseaus - l'abeilles - la fleurs 

For Spring, the top three inspiring categories are l'oiseaus (birds), l'abeilles (bees), and, naturally, la fleurs (flowers). 

Bulletin board spring inspiration from magazines, catalogs, and personal photos
For this bulletin board of Spring inspiration, I included a photo of my sister and me sitting on a bench in her front garden several years and houses ago. Little wonder our photo is beneath a magazine clipping with The Passionate GARDENER as its caption. Nor is it any surprise the photo beneath us is a field of French lavender. 

If you are inspired to collect and to display saved clippings from magazines and catalogs, you may also want to collect some special thumbtacks, like fleur de lis, bees, Eiffel Towers, feathers, leaves, . . . 

Summary of Ideas for Bulletin Board Inspiration

📌 Save clippings from magazines and catalogs 
📌 Organize by categories in file folders 
📌 Review saved clippings periodically for enjoyment and ideas 
📌 Display on a bulletin board using special thumbtacks to decorate offices, laundry rooms, garden rooms, kitchens . . . 
📌 Include personal photos printed on paper 
📌 Update the bulletin board with clippings for each new season of the year 


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S O U R C E S 
Bee, Eiffel Tower, Fleur de Lis thumbtacks - Ballard Designs several years ago; seen in Ballard Designs stores last Fall

See National Geographic News for a comprehensive discussion of The Plight of the Honeybee. 

See Five Ways to Use Birds, Eggs, & Nests in Spring for ideas how to decorate with birds, eggs, and nests.