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Five Ways to Use Birds, Eggs, & Nests in Spring

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Each Spring new bird's nests appear in the trees
 in the woods surrounding my house in the country... 
described as "living in the sticks" by a friend just last week, 
lovingly said with a smile, and true. 

Spring is just a few weeks away, and 
now is a good time to create easy-to-make projects 
for little touches of Spring all over the house. 

The woods outside inspire me to use birds, eggs, and bird's nests
to bring a little bit of nature and a few sticks inside five ways. 

1.  Chippy ladder used as wall shelves with 

a twiggy nest and egg print 

Using a rustic ladder is a great way to bring a little country Springtime and nature 
into a laundry room, mud room, half bath, or hallway where space is tight. 
Love, love, love those twigs (sticks) in the rustic man-made nest. 
The broken egg shell was an accident that turned into a realistic touch  
as though the shell had been left by a new baby bird. 
It is easy to make an egg print on burlap using free prints from The Graphics Fairy  
and instructions at Burlap Canvas Egg Prints

2.  Botanical bird's nest in table settings 

Another fast and easy project to make is botanical bird's nests for Spring table settings. 
Just embellish store-bought small grapevine wreaths with dried flowers, moss, 
lichen, and natural excelsior for a natural look that is enhanced by rustic clay pots. 
As one of my all-time favorite ways to display the beautiful blue clay eggs, 
I move the little nests all around the house all during the year. 

3.  Vintage bird prints on dictionary pages on the mantel 

Making bird prints on vintage dictionary pages is another quick and easy project, 
once again thanks to The Graphics Fairy that offers hundreds of free bird images.

Prints are not just beautiful on walls, they can also be used 
in bookcases, in table settings, and on mantels. 

Robins are a symbol for Spring for many people, 
especially in the northern United States. 
For northerners, the sighting of the first robin 
often marks the official beginning of Spring for them, 
regardless of the date on the calendar. 
It may be March 18 or April 3 or March 21, 
but it is not Spring until the first robin appears. 

4.  Bowl of eggs on the kitchen counter for Easter 

Purple is the color of Easter for me, but BLUE SPECKLED EGGS in bowls 
on the counter remind me of Easter egg hunts from childhood. 
This is one of the absolute easiest ways to bring 
bird's eggs in Spring into the kitchen.  
No project, just add some shredded paper grass to a bowl 
on which to nestle the eggs, and you are finished.  

5.  A cluster of blue eggs in a clear vase 

Could there be anything easier or more beautiful than displaying a cluster of blue eggs 
in a clear flower vase tied with a blue Paris-stamped handmade ribbon? 
Equally beautiful as part of a table centerpiece or by themselves on a side table, 
the eggs in a vase may be the simplest way of all to use eggs in Spring. 

Do you have a favorite way to decorate with birds, eggs, or nests? 


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