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Summer French Country Living Room

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Summer in Texas is always HOT, and some summers hotter than others. The past few summers have been mild and spoiled us with temperatures that did not sizzle for prolonged stretches. 

But this summer's extreme heat is making up for those mild summer days and is playing a role in how my living room looks this summer. 

To help keep my French Country living room cooler during triple digit temperature days, we close the curtains. 

Summer French Country Living Room Closed Curtains
This summer has already broken highest temperature records on some days in July, and it looks like we are headed to break more records in days to come. 

S U M M E R   F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y  

L I V I N G   R O O M 

The company that provides my electricity has been sending emails with tips for ways to save energy. Closing curtains and blinds is one of their top 5 tips for ways to save energy. 

Whether or not you live in an area with extreme hot summer temperatures, you probably want to save energy, also. 

Using less energy lowers electricity bills and conserves energy to make sure the electrical company can keep up with the demand so brown-outs do not occur. 

Summer French Country Living Room Chair
Does closing curtains to block heat really make a difference in energy consumption?


According to the US Department of Energy, 25%-30% of a home's heating and cooling energy use is due to heat loss and gain through windows. Studies have shown that medium-colored curtains with white plastic linings can reduce heat gain up to 33%. 

Reflective blinds are even more effective. When completely closed, with blades turned in the up position, they can cut heat gain by 45%. 

Summer French Country Living Room Closed Curtains Help Reduce Heat
Sunlight still enters my living room through the second-story windows, but the lined curtains block some of the direct sunlight through the first-floor French doors. 

Summer French Country Living Room Estate Urn With Live Boxwood
A live boxwood plant usually stays on the open shaded deck outside the living room French doors, but with extreme temperatures as high as 108°, we brought the plant inside until the temperatures drop to their normal highs in the 90s. 

Summer French Country Living Room Estate Urn With Live Boxwood
Placed in a chippy reproduction French estate urn, the plant adds a bit of refreshing greenery to my summer living room. Together the planter and boxwood give the room even more French Country style. 

Summer French Country Living Room Closed Curtains Help Reduce Heat
See how sunlight normally floods the living room in two other seasons of the year . . . French Country Living Room Spring Sunlight and Fall French Country Living Room

I hope you are enjoying your summer and are finding ways to keep cool at your house.