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Set a Stars and Stripes Patriotic Table

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

S E T   A   S T A R S   &   S T R I P E S 

P A T R I O T I C   T A B L E 

without using flags 

Setting a table that pays tribute to our biggest patriotic holiday of the year takes only a few key things. What is the first thing you think of when you see red, white, and blue used together? 

Patriotic . . .  So do I

set a stars and stripes table setting with white stars, French vintage linen towel, blue hydrangeas
Add a white star and a red stripe to a blue hydrangea centerpiece, and your table is all set with a patriotic look . . . 

without using flags . . .

H U R R A H  for the 
R E D,   W H I T E,   &   B L U E 

set a stars and stripes patriotic table setting on a vintage country pine table
Blue glasses on white stone coasters continue the patriotic color scheme on a country pine table. 

set a stars and stripes patriotic table setting with white plates blue chargers and striped napkins
Keep adding to the patriotic theme by placing blue and white striped paper napkins on white plates and blue chargers. 

set a patriotic table setting with stars and stripes in different colors
Stars and stripes do not have to be the traditional colors on the American flag for a patriotic look. As long as the three colors, red, white, blue, are used together, the stars and stripes can be different from red stripes and blue stars. 

set a patriotic stars and stripes place setting on gold chargers
Add a little gold with chargers and gold-beaded flatware for some holiday sparkle to go with the gold edges of the white stars. 

set a patriotic stars and stripes place setting with a special holiday quote
Want to add another special touch? 

Go from a nice holiday table setting to one with pizzazz with a familiar holiday quote in the three colors and another star. Use lines from a favorite patriotic song, poem, or historical document. I made these on my computer. 

If you are not handy creating printed quotes, Ann from On Sutton Place has beautiful FREE patriotic printables

If you have guests, they can take the quotes home to add some pizzazz to their holiday decorations. 

set a stars and stripes patriotic table with a vintage French linen towel
A vintage French red-striped linen towel provides the bold red color in the red, white, and blue color scheme. Just the two red stripes are all that is needed to take the table setting from a blue and white decor to a patriotic decor.  

set a stars and stripes patriotic table with a star Christmas ornament
When you shop, think about how to use items in more than one way. The white ceramic star is a Christmas decoration that works equally well as a patriotic decoration. Next Christmas keep your eyes open for STAR decorations you can use year round. 

Need some ideas for more year round uses for stars? A star can also be used in a birthday celebration for a ROCKSTAR friend. How about using the star with a movie theme or with an astronomy theme? 

set a stars and stripes patriotic table with inexpensive paper holiday napkins
Use disposable paper napkins to add more patriotic color and stars for a fraction of the cost of fabric napkins. Place them on the table in a white basket where diners can grab one if needed. 

After the holiday is over and the napkins are used, you do not have to find a place to store reusable fabric patriotic napkins. 

To save these ideas for your next patriotic holiday table, PIN to your Pinterest boards. 

set a stars and stripes patriotic table without using flags

H O W  T O   S E T   A   
P A T R I O T I C   T A B L E  
W I T H O U T   U S I N G   F L A G S 

Red, white, and blue colors
Christmas star decorations 
✯ Blue hydrangeas as floral centerpiece
✯ Plate chargers in blue and gold 
✯ Gold-beaded flatware 
Paper napkins with patriotic red, white, and blue stars and stripes
✯ Vintage French linen towels with red or blue stripes
✯ Printed patriotic quote at each place setting 

Any suggestions for decorations that can be used for several different celebrations? 

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Hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July celebration. . .