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New French Country Dining Chairs | 6 Features

Monday, June 25, 2018

When you are looking for specific pieces of new furniture, say French Country dining chairs, what is your overall approach? Could it be, you and I approach furniture buying similarly?  

French Country dining chairs with antique French table in breakfast sunspace
Here are things I do in general when looking for furniture, and what, specifically, I looked for in new French Country dining chairs. 

My approach has always been never settle for almost what you want. 

Big budget items like furniture cannot easily be replaced. If you buy something that is not really what you want, then you do not have money to buy what you really want when you find it later.  

French Country dining chair cane back with hand carved wood frames
If what you want is available, but out of the budget, then save until you can buy it. We did not have a new living room sofa the first two years we were married. Our enlisted-man-military-salary budget did not include money for any large pieces of new furniture. We had a used, very used, slip-covered sleeper sofa bought at a garage sale for $10. Only after I got a job as a teacher, and we saved money, were we able to buy a new sofa. 

If what you want is not available, keep looking until you find what you want. Wait until you find the perfect French Country dining chairs. Wait until you find dining chairs with all the features you have been looking for. 

French Country dining chair cane back with hand carved wood frames

N E W   F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   

D I N I N G   C H A I R S 

the perfect breakfast dining chairs 

New dining chairs around the antique French Country breakfast table make the space look bigger. 

Upholstered floral Parsons dining chairs with antique French table in sunspace
The floral upholstered Parsons chairs had been the breakfast table chairs for around twenty-five years. The chairs are comfortable, have been recovered twice, and are still in excellent condition, but for several years I have been looking for French Country style dining chairs to go with the antique table from France. 

Remember, keep looking until you find what you want. 

French Country cane back dining chair with carved wood antique French table
The new chairs do not perfectly match the color or carvings in the antique French breakfast table, but the new chairs meet all of the features I was looking for in French Country dining chairs. 

F R E N C H   D I N I N G   C H A I R   F E A T U R E S 

French Country cane back dining chair with curved carved wooden frame
Light stained carved wood finish was one of the most important features I wanted in new chairs. Over the years I have seen beautiful antique French dining chairs with dark finishes, but they did not go with the lighter antique French table in the sunspace.  

White painted French Country carved ladder back dining chair
White painted chairs are beautiful, but not perfect for this table. We use white painted French Country dining chairs for supplementary seating with the large pine dining table in the living room. 

The new chairs have a beautiful light oak finish that blends with the antique French table. 

French Country cane back dining chair with curved carved wooden frame
The second desired feature was carved details at the top of the wood back. The new chairs are hand-carved wood instead of a design pressed into the wood.  

French Country cane back dining chair with curved wood legs
Third, I was looking for chairs with curved front legs similar in shape to the table's curved legs. The legs did not have to perfectly match the shape or carvings in the table legs, but they needed to have that beautiful French style curve. 

I have come close to buying French Country style dining chairs before, but the legs were straight, not curved. I would go back to the store to look at them one more time, but always walked away. 

They were almost perfect, but not quite. 

French Country cane back dining chair with curved wood legs
These chair legs were what I was looking for. 

Curved and carved. 

No, these chairs do not have high-end carvings with a high sheen finish. These chairs are French Country.

French Country beige checked seat dining chair with curved wood legs
Fourth, the seats had to be upholstered cushions, not hard solid wood. Usually I am not drawn to beige anything, but the subtle shades of the beige, lighter beige, and ivory check appeal to me. 

That does not mean re-upholstering the seats down the road is out of question. If the right blue comes along . . . 

French Country beige checked seat dining chair with carved wood frame
Fifth feature of the chairs -- the seat apron is also curvy and carved. 

French Country dining chair with cane back carved wood frame
Sixth, either an upholstered seat back or a cane back. These chairs have dreamy cane backs with beautifully curved wooden frames, not oval or round frames. 

French Country dining chair with beige checked upholstered seat goes with antique carved wood French table
Waiting for the perfect French Country dining chairs was well worth the wait. 

I love how they coordinate with the antique French dining table and 

. . .  a white linen pillow with ruffled raw edges. 

P I N  for future reference 

French Country carved oak dining chair with cane back

What are your buying furniture rules for yourself? 

Do the new French Country dining chairs 
have all the features you like?

You may also enjoy reading more about breakfast dining chairs . . . 


P. S.   The master bath small vanity area has another new update . . . A new French-style silk Roman shade with blue and white stripes covers the small window.  ooh-la-la  Photos coming soon. 


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  2. They look great. In the past I would buy what our budget would allow and most of the time I was happy. I decided a few years ago that it would be better to get what I really wanted. Of course that meant I had to wait most of the time til I saved the money, but in the end I got what I really wanted and no regrets later.

  3. You did find the perfect chairs! Your whole home reflects exactly what you love and I think that's the best way to decorate.

    1. Stacey,
      The best decorating advice ever is decorate with what you love!


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Deanna,
      The more people love them means the makers will continue to make them.


  5. Oh, Judith, those ARE the perfect chairs! Where did you find them? ( not that I can afford a new set, as you said)!

    1. Ginger,
      We do love the same things, don't we? The chairs are sale by special order through my shop, and I will have two matching armchairs in the shop for this year's French Country Christmas Event. I sent you an email with details.


  6. Your chairs are amazing. I see a blue seat at some point in your future but for now these are just darling. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.

  7. Please send me info on buying these chairs. Thank you....gracie

    1. Gracie,
      Unfortunately, these chairs are no longer available, including from the wholesaler.

      Your comment was listed as a 'No Reply' email address or I would have contacted you directly by email.



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